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January, 2016


Corporate Sponsor Opportunity


The St. John’s Minor Baseball Association (SJMBA) is pleased to offer a unique opportunity for the corporate community in the greater St. John’s Metropolitan region to demonstrate its support of a healthy, active lifestyle for the youth of our City while realizing a positive return to the bottom line through enhanced company/product awareness.


SJMBA is a non-profit incorporated organization with a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors committed to provide the best possible baseball program to as many youth as possible every year. Our program emphasizes skill development, enhancing physical dexterity, the importance of team play and the honing of leadership qualities; but most important of all, we make sure all our players have fun and enjoy playing the game of baseball.


We operate a seven (7) division House League with an enrollment of 700+ children and youth from the ages of 5 to 18. With the full cooperation of our major partner (the City of St. John’s) we utilize twelve (12) baseball fields located throughout the city during the summer season.


In the spring we also conduct baseball tournaments for the schools in the Avalon region encompassing Grades 3 to 12. Over the past three years we have also incorporated a very successful Winterball program using the Techniplex. This year we registered 350 young players. Winterball is closely followed by our indoor Spring Training program for those players wishing to get a head start to the season. This program with a capacity of 160 kids is sold out every year.


Over the past three years we have established a solid working relationship with the Toronto Blue Jays organization. The Blue Jays Care Foundation made a $125,000 contribution to the assist in the renovation of the field and the installation of lights at Airport Heights Park. Additional information can be garnered from our excellent website – address below.


In summary, minor baseball is on the move. We expect a 10% growth, especially in our entry level divisions (Rally Cap and Rookie) due to the excitement created by the Blue Jays last fall. We have a committed board, an experienced staff and solid program that provides proven benefits to the youth of our City.






St. John’s Minor Baseball Association is offering two levels of involvement in its program for corporations wishing to take advantage of the opportunity: Level 1 and Level 2. We do have some general guidelines that our Board has established for both levels of corporate participation.


Use of Corporate Funds – all funds raised through corporate sponsorships will be re-invested in our program to purchase new equipment for our players (baseballs, bats, catching gear etc.) or to upgrade existing or build new infrastructure by partnering with the City of St. John’s.


Term of Agreements – all sponsor agreements (Levels 1&2) will be for 3 year period. 




LEVEL 1 – CORPORATE SPONSOR - $5,000 or $2,500 per year


SJMBA has 7 divisions in our House League. We intend to seek 7 Corporate Sponsors – one for each division. This price for this package on an exclusive basis will be $5,000 per year for 3 years.


SJMBA will offer the following rights/benefits on an annual basis in return for the sponsorship fee:


  • Company/name or logo on uniform sleeves of all players in that division.
  • Four 4’x8’ signs at each field where sponsored division plays. Sponsor to provide artwork and SJMBA to approve.
  • Company ad on SJMBA website with hot link to sponsor’s website. Our website has over 250, 000 hits in 2015.
  • Verbal recognition at all tournaments and special events i.e. PA announcements thanking all 7 sponsors.
  • Four E-mail blasts per year to our data base (650+) promoting our sponsors.
  • Sponsor representative will be invited to all trophy/award presentations in sponsored division.
  • Sponsor will be invited to all special ceremonies and media events.
  • Invitation for two company representatives to SJMBA Annual General Meeting/Appreciation Night held in November.
  • Company name/logo on all SJMBA material where appropriate and in good taste.
  • SJMBA will entertain any other opportunities that the sponsor may suggest during the course of then year.


Note:   Where feasible and both companies are compatible and agreeable, SJMBA will consider two companies sharing the sponsorship of a division. The cost will be $2,500 per company per year for 3 years. The two companies would then agree to split the benefits e.g. each company would have name/logo on ½ of the uniforms in the sponsored division.



LEVEL 2 – FRIENDS OF BASEBALL - $1000 per year for 3 years


SJMBA recognizes that not all companies are able to consider a Level 1 corporate sponsor package, but may still want to participate and/or assist in our program. Level 11 should be attractive to those companies who may wish to become one of our preferred suppliers. We trust it will also find favour with those individuals/companies who simply want to assist the SJMBA fulfil our annual objectives. The cost for a Level 11 package will be $1000 per year for three years.


SJMBA will offer the following rights/benefits to those participating as a ‘Friend of Baseball’:


  • Company/individual name on ‘Friends of Baseball’ page on our website.
  • Preferred supplier status for those companies that sell products we may require during the year.
  • Two E-mail blasts per year promoting the Friends of Baseball.
  • One invitation to our Annual General Meeting/Appreciation Night in November.


Thank you for considering our Sponsorship Package. We appreciate your interest in our efforts to provide worthwhile recreational activities to the youth of our city. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact:


Mike Buist - Executive Director

E-Mail – Mike@SJMBA.CA


Cell – (709) 699-5432

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IBEW College
Smitty's Restaurants
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