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Remove the Guesswork…Enroll Your Athlete in a Biodex / ImPact Concussion Management Program

Dear West Essex Cowboy Football Parent:

Of great concern to a parent when a child suffers a concussion is: Will there be lasting effects? And, when is the child ready to resume sports and other activities?
Caldwell Therapy Centercan help answer those questions. Our facility now offers the Biodex/Impact Concussion Management Program, which is used by leading hospitals, rehabilitation centers and top Professional and University sports teams as a concussion management tool. Caldwell Therapy Centerwould like an opportunity to discuss the program and provide your child with a simple baseline test of balance and cognitive assessment.
The test takes only minutes but will provide valuable information in the event your child sustains a concussion. If your child has had a concussion, we can work with you and your child’s doctor to manage the recovery process. Almost one-third of nearly 3 million concussion cases diagnosed annually occur with children under the age of 14. It is also the most common sports-related brain injury among 15 to 24 year olds.

It is important to understand who is susceptible.  School-aged children engaged in contact sports are in a high-risk group, for not only suffering one concussion, but also a dangerous reoccurrence. Each concussion is different, so too is your child’s recovery process. Having objective baseline and data-driven support is essential for those difficult return-to-play decisions. We look forward to discussing the benefits of the program with you.
Please call for a time to set up an evaluation.


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