Safe Haven Online


The new AYSO's Safe Haven course - a universal certification for all AYSO volunteers - has officially trained and certified 4,000 volunteers nationwide!


If you are looking to take the new universal AYSO Safe Haven course online at, you will need an AYSO ID number to log in. To find your ID number, log in to The ID number is located in the lower left corner of your eAYSO homepage (view example screen shot here).


If it is not located there, click on the "View Certification" link in the right column of your eAYSO homepage. On the following page, select the "Click Here" link under the Certification column. Your ID number will be located in the upper right corner (view example screen shot here).


To have an AYSO ID number, your Volunteer Application must have been received and entered into the system. If you have not yet submitted your Volunteer Application, you can begin the process on Find out how here.