Background checks now needed

SafeSport legislation and USSSA in 2020   [More Info]

Pre-Planning Check IN Summary for Beavercreek

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Tournament Documents Needed for all teams at Beavercreek

Please present at check in BEFORE your first game:

Located by Field 

1) copy of your 2020 team insurance (can be from any sanctioning association). If purchased through usssa copy is NOT needed.

2) copy of signed Beavercreek City/BSS, LLC  waiver/ release form (this is not the USSSA roster form).

BRING: your players birth certificates for any roster age protests - we do not need a copy.

Now that you have registered / paid - now comes the real paperwork.

1) Submit Player Roster online

2) Process and approve any guest players online.

3) Print out the Beavercreek City Waiver form and have a parent sign for each player. Turn this one at check in BEFORE first game.

4) Bring copy of your team insurance to check in.

5) Sign up for Coach's Weather Hot Line.

6) Review your bats for the USSSA stamp. And before every game line them up for umpire review.

7) Get your player MVP ribbons at check in. One to opposing team player after each pool game.

8) Play a good game.

9) Have fun.

10) Hope it doesn't rain.