• Coaching staff and participants are the only individuals that should be inside the dugouts/fences (other than facility personnel) - coaches need to be able to instruct without outside input as it is hard enough to keep the young kids focused and we need to keep extra people from having possible contact with your children that we are not aware of.
  • NO parking along the street (we need the road to be clear for any emergency vehicles, etc)
  • NO pets are allowed on the premises unless they are a registered service animal (make sure you have your paperwork available in case you are approached and asked)
  • NO smoking on premises as this is county property and it is prohibited - if you wish to smoke you must leave the premises (this is not an option but defined by our facility usage contract we sign with Johnston County).  Note that the NO smoking policy also includes electronic cigarette devices.
Please help us spread the word to your "visitors" that may come to watch a game/practice and they are not members of the email list that gets these notices.  If we see people smoking or animals on the premises we will be asking you to leave the premises to "smoke" and to take the animals back home as we must stay in compliance with the county to protect our usage of the facility as well as the safety of visitors to the facilities.