Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1) Does the club provide the equipment or do we have to purchase it on our own?

Players in grades 1 - 8 must purchase their own equipment.  Please see our equipment handout for everything your son or daughter will need.  You can expect to pay around $100 - $150 to equip a girl and more than $200 for the necessary boy's equipment.  Children participating in our pre K/Kindergarten Little Laxer program will use equipment provided by the Club.  1st and 2nd grade players will need to purchase equipment.

2) A coach outside of the Lightning program told my daughter she should cut down her shaft.  Should we do this?

No!  Cutting shafts down to size for smaller players is an "old school" concept.  Virtually all of the best girls youth coaches in the country encourage girls as young as kindergarten to play with full sized sticks.  They girls can just choke up like many Division I players do.    


Oops!  I just realized I signed my son up for the Girls 5/6 program.  Should I submit another registration or can you fix it?
You should never, EVER, submit a second registration unless you are instructed to do so by our Registrar.  The Club pays some pretty hefty credit card processing fees on every transaction.  If you submit and pay for the same player more than once the Club will end up giving you a full refund but the Club will have to pay the processing charges.

If after submitting your registration and payment you realize you've made an error please just get in touch with our Registrar and we'll correct it.  Correcting registrations is free and easy.

I was registering my daughter for Lightning Lax and after I hit the submit button I realized I had not filled out all of the information correctly.  What do I do?

As long as you have not yet checked out or exited your browser you can go back, correct the information on the registration form, resubmit it and continue to the Checkout screen to complete the transaction. 

If you didn't realize your error until after you completed the Checkout process you can get in touch with our Registrar and she can make the correction on our records.   

After submitting my son's online registration I was prompted to fill in a couple of required fields I missed on the first pass.  I went back, made the corrections and re-submitted the form and successfully checked out.  I ended up getting several confirmation emails.  One with the incomplete information and one with all of the information filled out correctly.  I also got an email from the credit card processor confirming payment.  Did you get all the information you need?  Was my son registered twice?

Since you only submitted your payment information one time your son was registered a single time.  We have all the information we need.  Clicking the submit button on the registration form creates a confirmation email even in cases where you have not completed all of the required fields.  We're talking to LeagueLineup about it.
Why are you requesting more personal information than you have in the past? 

We decided to beef up the information requested at registration to make things easier on our coaches and team parents.  In the past coaches/team parents have had to collect additional email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc. from the parent's after registration. 

Collecting additional information from you at registration eliminates some of the adminstrative burden on our Registrar,  coaches and team parents.  LeagueLineup gives us the ability to download all of the registration data into a spreadsheet, split it up by team and send it out to the coaches and team parents very, very efficiently.  


1) I've never coached lacrosse before but my kid loves it and I'd like to help out.  I only have a limited knowledge of the game, how do I become involved?

Reach out to the Girl's or Boy's VP via email to express your interest.  There are many ways for you to learn more about coaching the great game of lacrosse.  Both the Boy's and Girl's leagues conduct coaching clinics over the winter.  There are also some excellent books on the subject including the "The Baffled Parents Guide to Coaching Boy's Lacrosse" and "The Baffled Parents Guide to Coaching Girl's Lacrosse".

Recently, US Lacrosse has introduced an online course for entry level youth coaches.  You can learn more about the course at: in the "Coaches" section. 

You might also want to consider attending the US Lacrosse Convention in Philadelphia in January.  The Convention is packed with coaching clinics, classroom seminars and on-field demonstrations.


1)  My daughter is interested in playing lacrosse.  I don't know too much about the game and have only seen the men's game played.  Do the girls whack each other with their sticks like the men do?  Do they wear helmets?

Girl's/women's lacrosse differs from boy's/men's lacrosse in several key respects.  Girls lacrosse is a non-contact sport.  There is no body checking at any level in the girl's/women's game.  When the girls get to the 7/8th level they can begin full stick checking.  Girls do not wear helmets but are required to wear eye goggles.  The goggles protect the girls from getting hit in the eye with a stick or ball.  

2)  I have never seen a lacrosse game and my child is interested in playing.  Is there somewhere I can see a game?

We are truly blessed to live next door to three of the best collegiate lacrosse programs in the country.  The Princeton University Men's and Women's teams have won many NCAA Division I lacrosse championships over the years.  The College Of New Jersey Women's team is a perennial Division III lacrosse powerhouse.  Sharon Pfluger has built a DIII dynasty in Ewing and in 2006 TCNJ successfully defended their NCAA championship.  

The college game seasons begin in March.  PU and TCNJ game schedules are available at and  

1)   Hi, we are new to the area, kids from which towns are allowed to play for the Lightning?  
Since the Lightning was first founded in the 1990's it's been the "hometown program" of kids from West Windsor, Plainsboro and Cranbury.  In years when when Hamilton Township has not had its own program the Lightning has been open to Hamilton kids too.  The Lighting program is part of the Jersey Girls Youth Lacrosse Association and the Central Jersey Youth Lacrosse League (Boys).  Both leagues have strict rules about programs not accepting kids from towns that have established lacrosse programs.  So, if you live in West Windsor, Plainsboro or Cranbury the Lightning is your lacrosse program. Hamilton players are welcome to play with Lightning team until their program is restarted.  
For any specific questions on home town program participation please contact Cory Easter at  As Rules Chair for the Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association and President of the Central Jersey (Boys) Youth Lacrosse League....he literally wrote the book on this topic.