Tournament Tips

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Tournament Tips


Here are some commons terms used to classify wrestling tournaments:


Novice Tournament

A Novice tournament is a tournament open to 1st and 2nd year wrestlers (sometimes 3rd year wrestlers too) who have not placed in an Open tournament. Once a wrestler has placed 1st through 3rd in an Open tournament, they are no longer eligible for a Novice tournament. Norchester wrestling encourages our 1st and 2nd year wrestlers to participate in only Novice tournaments.


Open Tournament

An Open tournament is a tournament that any wrestler with 3 or more years experience may participate.


Weight Class Tournament

A Weight Class tournament is a tournament in which each wrestler must weigh-in under a certain weight to be eligible for that weight class. Many of the Weight Class tournaments use 5-pound increments. For example: 50 pounds, 55 pounds, 60 pounds, 65 pounds, and so on. If a wrestler enters a Weight Class tournament and weighs 63 pounds, they will be eligible for the 65 pound weight class. If a wrestler weighs 50.5, they will be eligible for the 55 pound weight class.


Madison Weight Tournament

A Madison Weight tournament indicates wrestlers will be grouped with other wrestlers that are about the same weight. So, if a wrestler weighs 68 pounds, they will be grouped with other wrestlers that weigh around 68 pounds. Most Madison Weight tournaments attempt to keep the wrestlers within 5 pounds of their actual weight.


Honor Weight Tournament

An Honor Weight tournament means you submit your wrestler's actual weight and they will be placed with other wrestlers that are about the same weight. The tournament director will be taking your word, as a responsible parent, that you are providing an honest weight for your wrestler. For example, if your wrestler weighs 61.3 pounds, they should be submitted as 61 pounds. Norchester wrestling has built a very good reputation for its honesty, and integrity; therefore, please be honest about your wrestler's actual weight.


Bracket Tournament

A Bracket tournament is a tournament in which every wrestler at a certain weight will be put in a group. If they win, they keep on advancing toward the finals. If they lose, they are dropped to the consolation bracket (also known as "wrestle backs"). Almost all Bracket tournaments are double-elimination tournaments, meaning if your child loses 2 matches, then they are eliminated from the tournament.


Round Robin Tournament

A Round Robin tournament is a tournament in which each wrestler is grouped into either a Bracket grouping or a Madison Weight grouping, and each wrestler will wrestle all other wrestlers included in the group. This may seem confusing, but simply put, each wrestler will wrestle everyone at his or her weight. These types of tournaments are great for getting matches. Round Robin tournaments usually put wrestlers in groups of 3 to 6, which means each wrestler will get 2-5 matches.