At PAL, we are committed to providing a strong T-Ball program. We realize that the love of baseball starts the first time a 5-year-old throws a ball or swings a bat. Many of our travel and select team players got their start not so long ago by playing T-Ball. And look at them now. Winning tournaments, going to Cooperstown and competing with some of the best youth baseball programs in the State.
Most of all though T-Ball is supposed to be fun. Not just for the kids but for the parents, coaches, and fans as well. Many families have found out how much fun spending a sunny spring morning at the PAL T-Ball field can be.  Before you know it, coaches and players alike will want to remove the ball from the tee and have the coaches begin pitching to the players. Many times this can happen in a matter of weeks after the games begin. What a thrill the first time a 5-year-old makes contact with an actual pitch.  But at this level, the tee is always there if needed.

Every good baseball player knows that to be a good hitter- you must spend just as much time hitting off of a tee as you do facing live pitching. All Major League hitters spend hours each week on tee work. So this is where the next Manny Machado or Bryce Harper begins their journey to the Big Leagues!
  Alex at age 6 playing PAL T-Ball              6 short years later- Alex representing PAL at              3 years later Alex winning Most Outstanding
  in 2005 ( note his excellent grip)                Cooperstown Dreams Park in  June 2011                Player as a member of Disney Crabfest 16U team
T-Ball is also where many of the current dedicated PAL coaches got their first taste of coaching.  They quickly realized that they can pass on their knowledge of the game not only to their children but to a teamful of children. Coaching is truly a great way to give back to your community.  Plus what better way is there to spend quality time with your son or daughter than by tossing a baseball to them and their teammates!
With that said - PAL is always looking for parents to take that leap of faith and help us out coaching at the T-Ball level. If you are interested in becoming a T-Ball coach, please send an email to David Zeman, our Baseball Commissioner, at

   Nick age 5- 2006 PAL T-Ball forward 7 years ........  Nick age 12- June 2013 representing PAL at Cooperstown Dreams Park



Q:  What are the ages for T-Ball?

A: The ages are five and six, based on age as of May 1st.  So for 2016, the dates of birth are between May 1, 2010 and April 30, 2012. 

Q: How long is the season?

A: Rosters are completed in early to mid-March, once registration winds down.  Practices are twice a week before the season starts.  Games begin in early April and will be twice a week until the first week of June.  No games are played Memorial Day weekend.  Games are played on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings, plus Saturday mornings.  Teams will have two scheduled games per week. We finish the first weekend of June.

Q: When and how often are practices?

A: Teams practice one or two times per week before the season starts, usually one weekday and on Saturday.  Once the season starts, teams may practice one day during the week or not at all.  Practice days and locations are determined by the coaches and are set once the teams are formed. Practices generally last about an hour to ninety minutes.

Q: What days will I have practice?

A: The practice schedule will be determined by the T-ball coaches.  Last year we fielded eight T-ball teams, so there was at least one team practicing every evening.  The best way to ensure you have practice days and times that work for you is to volunteer as a coach.

Q: Where are games played?  How long are games?

A: We participate in the Annapolis city T-Ball league.  There are usually ten teams in the league.  Our games are played at one of two locations, Germantown Elementary School or Hillsmere Elementary School.  A typical game will last three innings and will take about 60-75 minutes. Rainouts are made up at the discretion of the opposing coaches. 

Q: Do you keep score?

A: No, we don’t keep score in T-Ball. The kids are here to learn and have fun first. 

Q: Do you take girls in T-Ball?

A: Of course!  T-Ball is not gender-restricted.  Our T-Ball Program is open to both boys and girls. 

Q: What if my son/daughter is only four years old?  Can he/she play T-Ball?

A: We have a great alternative for four-year-olds.  It's called Blastros.  Details can be found HERE. (PAL Blastros ) 

Q: Can special requests be made regarding who my child plays with?

A: We will try and accommodate requests to be placed on a team with friends.  You can submit a request in the comments section when registering your child.  Part of baseball is learning to accept others as your teammates. Later, in the PAL Baseball Program, teams are chosen based on player skill. Therefore it is important for the children (and their parents) to learn to accept this concept now so that it is not such a major hurdle later.  Please remember that quite a bit of time and effort goes into organizing the T-Ball teams and it is nearly impossible to accommodate all potential requests without affecting the balance of the teams.  Finally, parents at this age are expected to remain at practices and games, as the coaches cannot assume parental responsibility for players.

Q: What if my son/daughter turns seven before the cutoff date and has never played before? 

A: We have a machine-pitch age group for seven and eight-year-olds.  It's a developmental league that stresses learning baseball fundamentals.  Teams are usually structured with developing players placed together. 

Q:  What equipment does my son/daughter need to play?

A: Your child only needs a glove, sneakers, and white baseball pants. Cleats are not necessary at this age. The size of the glove is very important; if too big it is harder for the player to manage. If a player wishes to bring a bat, it must clearly read "t-ball" on the barrel.

Q: What equipment does the League provide?

A: We provide jersey and a cap, and all playing equipment (bats, balls, bases, tees, helmet, etc.).  While the league does provide batting helmets, players may bring their own T-Ball approved batting helmet.  At the end of the season, we will provide players with a participation award and they may keep the jersey and cap. 

Q: How will I know what team my child is on?

A: You will be contacted by your coach in early March. 

Q: Is coach-pitch part of T-Ball?

A: Yes.   As the season progresses, coaches will introduce pitched balls to the batters.

Q: What does "bat around" mean?

A: It's the playing procedure where every player on the batting team bats one time during an inning; then the sides switch. This is the preferred alternative to the traditional three outs, as it ensures that all the players on the team at bat participate in each inning.

Q: I am interested in coaching.  I don't have much experience but I want to learn.  Can I help coach?

A: Absolutely! Please send an e-mail to our Baseball Commissioner, David Zeman, HERE.

Q: Okay, I've got all my questions answered. I'm ready to sign up! Where do I register?

A: Great! Either navigate to the 2017 registration link on the menu on the left, or just click HERE. (PAL Registration).


The game season will begin in early April. Check back close to the start of the season on the Schedules and Rules Pages for the 2017 T-Ball schedule.