Who are the Tri-Town Renegades?

  • The Renegades are a new football team consisting of tackle players from the Vikings and the Epping Red Devils. The Red Devils and the Vikings joined forces to bring the kids from our community back together to better prepare them to play as a cohesive team in high school football. 


Where are we playing / practicing?

  • The Raymond field on 107 will be the primary location for games/practices. 


What League are you playing in?

  • We are proud to be members of the NorthEast Junior High Football League. Formed in 2001, the mission of the NJHFL is to assist area organizations in the promotion of youth football and cheer by providing a set game schedule(s), maintain communication between organizations as well as provide and enforce league bylaws and a uniform set of rules and regulations. The NJHFL believes that all teams should have the chance and opportunity to play competitive football. The league offers 5 separate levels based on age as well as grade, with each having its own separate set of rules and regulations. The board of directors are made up of coaches who not only have a passion for the game, but are dedicated to providing those who wish to learn and play football, the opportunity to do so in a fun, safe and positive environment. 


What is the tackle football registration fee?

  • We’ve adjusted the registration fee based on the new league. It’s been reduced to $175.00 per player with a family max of $300.00. This will still include a new uniform; however, we are only doing the home jersey, not home and away. If you have ANY concerns with paying the registration fee, please reach out to me. We are happy to make arrangements to ensure every player who wants to play can play. Please do not let financial concerns be a factor in whether your child can play or not. We want as many kids from our communities playing football, exercising, and learning valuable lessons in discipline, health, and teamwork.