Friday Night Team Registration

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The Tri-Club Bay River Classic is pleased to announce our Friday night team registration will be held August 26th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at the Courtyard Marriott Newport News/Yorktown Conference Room. Courtyard Marriott Newport News/Yorktown is located at 105 Cybernetics Way Yorktown, Virginia 23693. At team registration teams will be required to provide the following documents:

a. Team Information/Contact Sheet (blank form under Tournament Rules/Info tab on Home Page)


b. Copy Approved 2016/2017 Official Roster (Cross off players not attending event  while adding guest players on bottom of roster to include jersey #, name, State assigned ID#) All players can only be rostered to play on one team only during the duration of this tournament.


c. Current 2016/2017 Valid Player Cards


d. Medical release forms – (notary not required)


e. Teams outside Region 1 must have permission to travel form – US Club Soccer

Teams do not require permission to travel but must be in good standing with USClub



Tri-Club Bay River Classic Registration Checklist




Team Name:


Total # Playing:



Team Contact:                                                 Cell #:


Coach Contact:                                                Cell #:



Checklist Items:


1.    State Approved Roster


2.    Player Passes 


3.    Medical Release Forms


4.    Guest Player Passes & Medical Release Form


5.    Permission to Travel Form (NC teams)


 I was given a copy (or viewed online) of the latest tournament schedule for this team and am aware of the match reporting procedure in which winning team get scores/referee signature and turn match card into HQ tent within 30 minutes of game ending. If there is a tie both teams are required to turn in match cards.


All players can only be rostered to play on one team only during the duration of this tournament. In the event a team is found to be using players on multiple teams all games previously played for both teams will be declared a forfeit.




Team Representative Signature: