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Bat Restrictions

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GSA Bat Restrictions</B>

In the Blaster Division, only "Blaster" bats supplied by the Coach may be used. Metal bats may be used in the Rookie, Pony, Midget and Junior/Senior Divisions. In Rookie and Pony Division, the width of the bat must not exceed 2 ¼”, the “drop” (length minus weight) is unlimited. In the Midget Division, the width of the bat may not exceed 2 ¾”, the “drop” is unlimited. In the Junior/Senior Division, the width may not exceed 2 5/8", the “drop” is limited to -3.

Due to Safety concerns, any double-walled aluminum bats including the DeMarini F2-10, Xplosion -9.5 and Xplosion -11 are banned from use in GSA games. There may be other double-walled bats we have not listed.