Mission Statement

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Grafton-Tabb Youth Football League
2017 Mission Statement

Grafton – Tabb Youth Football League is committed to teamwork and the success of the youth who participate in this program.

A TEAM is described as a group of people working together towards a common goal. Our common goals this year for Grafton-Tabb Youth Football League will be as follows:

  • Have FUN learning or teaching how to play football or how to be a cheerleader. • Work hard to improve as a team, individual and organization throughout the season.
  • Continue to support one another through good communication and respect.
  • Demonstrate CLASS after a win and even more so after a defeat. (On and Off the field)
  • Listen and pay careful attention when being taught something new.
  • Show respect to all league officials.
  • Give 100% plus effort each and every time you walk on to the field.

Football and Cheerleading are team sports. There is no ( I ) in the word TEAM. Its not about ME its about WE!

A successful season will be judged by how much improvement each team / players have made when the season ends!