Information & Guidelines

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The Harrison Soccer Club's purpose is to provide the soccer players of our community with a developmentally appropriate soccer program. Within each age grouping, we will be devoted to developing the player’s skills, teaching teamwork, and learning good sportsmanship.
It is hoped through this format that each player will be provided a soccer experience that is challenging and fun. Players from ages 4 - 10 will participate in a town program, while players from the age of 7 and above will play in a travel league.

Harrison Soccer Club Code of Conduct - Code of Conduct for Players, Parents and Coaches

Harrison Township Youth Sports Code of Conduct - A written specification of the behavior of parents, family members, guardians, spectators, coaches and officials by which they must adhere when attending a sports activity in Harrison Township.

Lightning Safety - IMPORTANT information on what to do if lightning/thunder is in the area while on the soccer fields

Youth Soccer in America - How Do We Measure Success? - An informational brochure from the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department.

Top Ten Sports Parenting Myths - Excerpted from Rick Wolff’s book, "THE SPORTS PARENTING EDGE: The Winning Game Plan for Every Athlete – From T-Ball to College Recruiting."

At What Age Should a Soccer Player Peak - Interesting article by Sam Snow, Director of Coaching Education for US Youth Soccer