About Tommy & #73

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About Tommy
Tommy Simone died at he age of 12 on April 16, 1983 when he was struck by a police patrol wagon near the location of Necco Coffee's former offices on Independence Avenue. Most visual in Tommy’s life were achievements in sports. He simply excelled — whatever the sport, whatever the season. Football marked his fall, basketball his winter, baseball his spring and summer. Tommy combined uncommon athletic prowess with a drive to succeed that was rare for his age. He drilled over and over to perfect his skills. What truly made Tommy special was the young man he was outside of the sports arena.Tommy was a great athlete but more importantly he was an even greater young man. Tommy was always oversized for his age, in most cases he stood nearly a head taller than his fellow classmates. His oversized body matched perfectly with his oversized heart. Ever present in Tommy's short life were 4 words - Love, Friendship, Courage & Champion.
Love Tommy lived every day with an amaizing amount of love in his heart. He loved God, he loved his family, he loved his friends, he loved his teamates and he loved to play sports. Tommy knew how to love even when it was hard to love. 

Friendship - Tommy was the best of friends. He was loyal, trustworthy & dependable friend to everyone. Even though Tommy was seen as popular amongst his peers he was never afarid to be friends with kids that were not seen as popular. If he ever saw kids being bullied or picked on he always had the courage to step up and put a stop to it. You could always count on Tommy to be a friend even when it was hard to be a friend. 

Courage -Tommy had the courage to strive to be the best at everything that he did from everyday life to school to sports. He had the courage to do what was right when it was easier to do wrong. He had the courage to love when it was hard to love. He had the courage to be a friend when it was hard to be a friend. 

Champion - Because Tommy lived everyday with Love, Friendship & Courage he was a champion in every aspect of his life.


The Necco Raider Football Club 

Hundreds of first through eighth grade students in the Kansas City Metro area learned the game of football from coaches of their Necco Raiders football team. Necco Coffee has sponsored the Raiders teams since 1985. The Raiders play in the North Suburban Youth Football League (NSYFL) and currently consist of six teams: First and Second Graders (Flag), Third and Fourth Graders (tackle); Fifth and Sixth Graders (tackle); and Seventh and Eight Graders (tackle). The Raider uniform includes a #73 tribute patch to honor Tommy Simone. Tommy played for the Raiders. He was tought the same life skills that our coaches are still teaching today. Tommy played and practiced on the same field our players play on today. He ran the same hill our players run today. Tommy was a Raider for life just as our players today. For these reasons every young man that plays for the Necco Raiders not only wears #73 On their sleeve but also has the #73 in their heart. 

The Annual Simone Youth Football Tournament 

In late August, young players gather for one day to play football in front of their families and friends. The annual Simone Tournament typically draws more than 1,000 kids in grades 3 - 8 from all over the Kansas City area. This is a pre-season tournament. Every team wants to win it but this tournament is not about winning or losing. The purpose of this tournament is to get each and every kid ready for the upcoming season. After each of the championship games one of Tommy’s family members speaks about Tommy and his legacy. This is a GREAT all day family event. This year the tournament will be held at St. Pius X High School on August 19th - Start Time 7AM.

The Thomas A. Simone Memorial Football Award 

The Thomas A. Simone Memorial Football Award is presented annually to the outstanding high school football player of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.This award, established in 1931 in the name of Dr. D.M. Nigro, continued until Dr. Nigro's death in 1976. The award was reinstated by Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Simone as a tribute to their 12-year-old son, Tommy, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in April, 1983.The recipient of this prestigious award is selected by area coaches as the football player most representative of excellence on the playing field.The trophy presented symbolizes the qualities of love, courage, and friendship which young Tommy so aptly displayed. 
Click The Link Below to Visit The Tommy Simone Award Website.

Thomas A. Simone Award Story