Booster Club Updates

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Booster Club Updates as of March 26, 2018


Hope everyone a great Sunday and had a chance to catch up on rest. Thanks to all who got us through the past two weeks. Each of you are appreciated.


This weekend: Coach Stewart would like to meet with everyone between games tonight at Collierville to discuss the coming weekend and a couple of other items. Expect meeting somewhere behind dugout or in seating area by visitor’s dugout.


Apparel: Apparel is expected to be at field Tuesday 4:30 available for pick up.


Concessions: Everything appears good to go for Tuesday night’s game. Thanks for all the support and hard work.


We’ve got several folks with zeros scheduled and several folks with lots scheduled. I would ask that that have not participated to work with those who have a lot to share the load.


Hope everyone has a great week and safe travels.