Frequently Asked Questions

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Parent questions..........

What if my Gremlin son isn't ready for tackle? 

Well, if you son is 8 years old and weighs 85 pounds or less, he can still play flag.  My son experienced the same thing at age 8; he wasn't ready.  He played another year of flag, and flourished the next year on the Gremlin team.

What equipment do I need to purchase? 

In addition to cleats, you need to purchase a mouthpiece and a 7 pad girdle set for you son.  Last year, I purchased the 7 pad set in a black football pants contained unit.  This worked out better and the athlete was able to wear it during the games.  You can purchase the 7 pad football pants at Play It Again Sports.  Mention the Panthers and like the business on Facebook to receive a discount on your purchase.  For flag, you will only need to purchase cleats and a mouthpiece.

When do fees need to be paid?

All registration balances need to be paid in full by 8/1/17.

How much is the registration this season?

FLAG- $130


CHEER- $100