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I can honestly say Penn-Ohio Athletics has been a true blessing to me.  The coaches not only improved my skills on the court but taught me lessons that I can apply off the court.  While playing for Penn-Ohio, my characteristics such as discipline, hard work, dedication, encouragement and team work have all been strengthened.  This organization has given me opportunity to continue to play the sport I love.

Lauren Lee






  Justin, I want to personally thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.  Your handling of a difficult situation in your life has shown me how I should handle things in my life as well.  Amy and I both believe that our kids are not only better basketball players but more importantly better people from being involved in your program.  Our kids are growing up during a time of many different challenges and it is very important to have them around good solid role models.  People who set the bar high and lead by example.  The Penn Ohio Family to me is indeed exactly that.  I want to thank you and Vicki for being a positive influence and for making the sacrifices that you do for the Penn Ohio Athletic Club.  God Bless you and your entire family.

    Bobby Dicks & Family   

Coming and playing blue storm basketball was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. All of the coaches at the organization care about all of the players not only as basketball players but as people too. They helped me to become a better player and gave me the experience that I then took back to my school. I would not have reached some of the accolades that I did without the help from the great people from the Penn Ohio Athletic Club. I am now prepared for the next level at Hiram College.

..Cole O'Dell, Player, Matthews High School Vienna, Ohio

My son Dylan Schmidt played for the Penn-Ohio Blue Storm and I have to say the experience was a great one. He had the opportunity to play with alot of student/athletes from other school districts and it only made him better. Coach Magestro and all the coach's were always there for the boys to help them in any way they possibly could and to cheer them on. The hard work and dedication really pays off for both players and coaches, I am so glad my son got to play for Coach O'Dell. He is a true asset to the club!!!!

..Theresa Schmidt, Parent, Struthers, Ohio

The Penn-Ohio Athletic Club has given me a unique opportunity of challenging me to become a better player. I have been surrounded with some of the best coaches who helped me to develop a depth of character.

..Stephanie Schwartz, Maplewood High School, Ohio

Coach Justin Magestro is basketball 24/7. I personally consider him an expert in coaching basketball especially in the fundamentals of the game. The results have been proven in the 1st year of the program which brought home a national championship fot the 17/18 year old girl's program.

..Mario Nero, Parent, Ohio

Penn-Ohio Athletic Club has challenged me to develop my individual skills as I pursue my endeavor in the athletic arena. It has provided me with the opportunity to grow as an individual and a team player and to meet some of the greatest people in the world.

..Ashley Pendleton, Farrell High School, Pennsylvania

I believe any prospective athlete should go through the AAU experience. Not only did I establish relationships with excellent coaches and great athletes but also, I enhanced my interpersonal relationship skills with great friendships.

...Amanda Nero, Lowellville High School, Ohio

The Blue Storm...come feel the electricity.

..A.J. Ayers, Shenango Elementary, Pennsylvania

The Penn-Ohio Athletic Club has made me an overall better basketball player and has provided me great opportunities and it has allowed me to make great friends with my teammates in the process.

..Lindsay Johnson, Springfield Local High School, Ohio

The P.O.A.C. and AAU basketball has given me the experience to play against some of the best boy's high school players in the nation. It has helped me to elevate my teammates and my game at my high school.

..Richie Burnsworth, Reynolds High Shool, Pennsylvania

The Penn-Ohio Athletic Club was a great experience and it gave me the opportunity to play against great competition and improve my skills.

..Jake Porterfield, Kennedy Catholic High School, Pennsylvania

AAU and the POAC has made me a better person and player on and off the court.

..Taniesha Holland, Youngstown Rayen High School, Ohio

I would have never been able to start as freshman for my high school team and compete at the varsity level had I not participated in the Penn-Ohio Athletic Club and the competition of AAU basketball.

..Chloe Stewart, Farrell High School, Pennsylvania

Coaching at the Penn-Ohio Athletic Club has enabled me to continue to follow my passion in the off-season with coaching and aspiring Student-athletes to be successful. This Club is well run and has the players best interest at heart.

..Coach Ed Turosky, Farrell High School Head Girls Coach

What AAU has done for my daughter, Shaina, has not only improved her basketball skills but her everyday life skills.

..Noreen Smith, Parent, Pennsylvania