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Travel Baseball Structure
Travel Baseball team players can expect to participate in Tournaments and in Leagues designed for competitive Travel teams in the spring and summer. Travel teams will be formed in each age group from 8 through 14. The number of teams will be determined by the number of registered players and available managers and coaches.
Travel Baseball will require a commitment from each player and parent that will run from March through the end of July. All players will be needed for each practice and game. Please consider activity schedules and vacation plans prior to committing to play Travel Baseball.
Each and every Travel Baseball player, manager, and coach will be required however, to always first honor commitments (e.g. attendance, pitching innings) to the Spring Baseball team of which they are a member until such time that his/her Spring Baseball team has completed its season.

Travel Team Registration, Evaluation, and Placement
Travel player evaluations will be conducted by experienced and independent evaluation teams. These player evaluations determine the competitive level at which each prospective Travel player will participate. Input from the League’s coaches will be a component of the evaluation process. Each player is expected to play on the team for which he/she qualified.

Uniforms and Fees
Fittings for personalized District and Travel uniforms generally are scheduled the day of player evaluations. District and Travel uniforms will be distributed at the beginning of the travel season.
The District and Travel Baseball basic fee will be approximately $125.00 per player.
Please note that some, but not all, District or Travel teams in a particular age group may elect to participate in tournaments that could result in additional participation fees to offset the higher expenses associated with these other venues.
Certain, but not all, Travel teams in the older age groups may also elect to participate in an out-of-region, high-profile tournament (e.g. Cooperstown, Ripken Experience, Sports at the Beach, Hershey, etc.) that may require additional fees and which may involve multiple-day travel.
District and Travel Basic Fee includes:
• Participation in District and/or Travel Baseball
• One or Two outside tournaments
• Uniform

This fee does not include costs for umpire and baseballs when required by a league to provide separate from the above fees.
There will be no refund of the basic Travel Baseball registration fee for any other reason than not having enough players and managers to form complete teams.

Other Important Travel Baseball Reminders
Frequent schedule changes are to be expected due to weather and changing dates in leagues and tournaments, so players and parents must plan to be flexible.
Prompt and regular attendance is a must for all Travel players. Parents must plan summer vacations to avoid conflict with practices and games.
For additional questions, please contact qcbl2013@gmail.com