Code of Conduct

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Strasburg Willow Street Baseball Softball Association (SWSBSA)


The Strasburg Willow Street Baseball Softball Association (SWSBSA) has established a Code of Conduct to promote and encourage good sportsmanship, respect for the game and respect for each other. In order to participate in any SWSBSA program, each player, coach, parent/guardian and/or spectator (herein referred to as "participants") must read and agree to the Code of Conduct as outlined below. By registering to play on a SWSBSA team, each participant agrees to meet and adhere to the Standards as outlined below. 

All participants, also considered members of the SWSBSA, are subject to the discipline and and appeals procedures of SWSBSA, as well as the rules, by-laws and policies applicable too the league organization for the level of play at which they are participating. Such league organizations include, but are not limited to:

* Lancaster County Youth Baseball League

* Lancaster County Midget Baseball 

* Donegal Rheems Girls Softball League

* American Legion Baseball 

* Little League

Player and Parent/Guardian Standards:

Athlete Behavior

Parent/Guardian Behavior

Coach Standards:

Coach Behavior

Failure to Comply with Standards & Appeals Process

Failure to Comply

Appeals Process

Above Approved by the SWSBSA Board on 1/14/16