Mission Statement

On November 9, 1966 the Sachem Youth Advisory Group (SYAG) was officially incorporated in the State of New York. The founding fathers were wise and purposeful in setting the goals and objectives of this new youth organization and in selection of a meaningful symbol to reflect it's purposes. With the permission of the Gruman Aerospace Corporation of Long Island the emblem of the Mohawk surveillance plane was chosen, a Mohawk Indian.The aircraft was first used in the Korean conflict equipped with electronic sensors, which were capable of monitoring enemy operations in daylight, darkness, and inclement weather.The Mohawk plane is the forerunner of the sophisticated surveillance systems of today.

The mission of the Sachem Youth Advisory Group has remained unchanged for the last 40 years. SYAG was formed to provide a recreational program(s) for the young people (boys and girls) of the Sachem Community. Within the framework, the organization aims to develop our children, physically, mentally, and to set before them an example of leadership at all times. Furthermore, we hope that our children by participating in our activities will develop a respect for authority, responsibility of citizenship and a spirit of true sportsmanship.

SYAG has come a long way in the last 40 years. The heart of our programs-Boys baseball/Girls softball, Boys and Girls basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Cheerleading and Summer Clinics is the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.Today, SYAG has nearly 775 adult volunteers involved in every aspect of the organization.

In 1966, SYAG might well have numbered a few hundred children. Today, SYAG still continues to grow. The organization serves over 4,000 families in the Sachem Community (areas of Ronkonkoma, Holbrook,Lake Grove,Holtsville and Farmingville and as far northeast as Port Jefferson, southeast as Patchogue, southwest as Bohemia and northwest as Commack.

The management and direction of SYAG is the sole responsibility of the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of Chief Executive Officer, Executive Secretary, Treasurer and Commissioners of all the activities. No Executive Officer shall be entitled to receive any funds, salary or direct material gain while a member of the Executive Board. All members of the Executive Board shall be elected by a majority of eligible voting members.

The major assets of the organization shall consist solely of our inventory of equipment for all our activities.Registration fees, chance book sales and team sponsorships provide the necessary funds to operate SYAG. Such monies raised only to meet the costs of the operatations and the purchase of necessary equipment. The entire organization operates through the volunteer efforts of all its members. No one receives financial compensation for their efforts.

SYAG is a Charitable Organization

This is from a letter we received on September 6, 2004. It is from the Department of the Treasury, PO Box 2508, Cincinnati, Ohio.

This is in response to your request of August 6, 2004, regarding your organization's tax-exempt status.
In November 1991, we issued a determination letter that recognized your organization as exempt from federal income tax. Our records indicate that your organization is currently exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our records indicate that your organization is also classified as a public charity under section 509a2 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our records indicate that contributions to your organization are deductible under section 170 of the Code, and that you are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code.