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Recruiting Process


What to Expect


Freshman and Sophomore Year

  • Plan a challenging academic program that will meet NCAA requirements.
  • Maintain at least a 3.000 Grade Point Average (GPA) out of 4.000 in core courses.
  • Take the PSAT and PLAN Test in October of sophomore year.
  • Participate on high school athletic teams.
  • Participate in off-season programs in your sport.
  • Attend summer athletic camps at colleges that you might like to attend.
  • Keep record of your athletic achievements

Junior Year

  • Keep up your academic record.
  • Take ACT or SAT Prep Classes.
  • Take ACT or SAT Test in spring.
  • Develop a list of colleges with counselor for your academic match
  • Ask your coach for a realistic athletic evaluation – can you play sports at the collegiate level and at which level is appropriate – I, II, III.
  • Continually update your athletic resume with improving results.
  • Ask coaches for their assistance in the recruiting process.
  • Send letter of interest to college coaches with your athletic resume.
  • Organize a filing system on all colleges that respond to your inquiry.
  • Participate in summer programs, i.e., Federation tournaments, AAU teams, State select teams, Prairie State games and summer leagues as scouts often attend these.

Senior Year

  • Begin the checklist for Student Athletes and Parents Form.
  • Meet with counselor to make sure you meet current NCAA academic requirements, discuss your college choices and complete the College Athlete Profile Sheet File Form 48-H with NCAA Clearinghouse. (Available from the counselors/deans.)
  • Send for and complete college applications.
  • Fill out transcript request forms in Student Services.
  • Complete Financial Aid forms early (before January).
  • Re-take ACT or SAT Test (if needed).

  • Update your resume and contact your list of college coaches.
  • Produce your own video, or have your coach send game films to the college coach.
  • Respond immediately to any college coach who shows interest in you.
  • Provide your coach and counselor with your list of colleges, with coach’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Decide whether or not to use Commercial Recruiting Services.
  • Wait to commit to college athletic visit invitations until you are certain of your top five schools.