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The Barron Wrestling Club expects Parents'Guardians to help at different events throughout the wrestling season.  Below is a list of events which happen throughout the wrestling season.  Upon registration, you will be asked to choose which areas you or your family can participate in:

Youth Wrestling

  • Help assist coach during practice.
  • Help assist coach during tournaments
  • Media Specialists (take pictures and turn into coach to be put on wrestling Facebook page and or newspaper

Barron High School Tournament on 12/92017

  • Help set up or clean up Coaches Room on 12/9.

Middle School Wrestling

  • Work concessions at one of the March events (March 3rd and 15th) at the high school  (You will be contacted in March as a reminder.)

Booster Club

  • Be a member at large to be apart of the decision making about youth wrestling.  We are an active club making big decisions for the future of Barron wrestling.  

Unable to Help at this time.

  • In place of volunteering my service of work toward the wrestling program, I am going to donate $25.00 for the purchase of supplies for the events mentioned above.