How Can You Help?

We have been asked by many of you to provide information on how you can help the organization continue to thrive.   There are many ways you can get involved and all are so important!   No contribution of time or monetary value is too small.   Each donation is very valuable and is put to good use.

How Can You Help?

  • Sponsor a team-sponsorship request attached-Sponsors will be posted on website, facebook and on signage at field locations.
  • Individual donation-request attached
  • Sub Sale-participation in this is critical as it is our biggest fundraiser
  • Help recruit sponsors
  • Donate to concessions
  • Volunteer any time you can to assist with working concessions, field maintenance, committee positions, opening day, farmer's fair, Senator's Event, end of season picnic, etc.
  • Ask your coach for other ways to become involved
  • Offer to help by donating use to field maintenance effort; have a tractor, 4-wheeler, lawn equipment?  
  • Offer to help service our tractors-still looking for folks to assist with tractor maintenance

What does your sponsorship/donation support?


  • Field Maintenance-tractor maintenance and repair at 4 locations; cost of dirt replacement 2000.00 or more; landscaping services when volunteer support is not sufficient
  • Concessions funding when donations are limited
  • Equipment purchases-balls were over 500.00 this season; helmets, catcher's gear, masks, bats, bases, mounds, field liners, etc
  • Uniforms-shirts, visors, socks, etc
  • Insurance costs for 70-80 girls and 20+ coaches
  • Advertising/website costs
  • Event planning costs
  • League fees, tournament costs, and umpire fees