The link is below is to register your Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.  You can link as many as you like.  Please be sure to click on "Cause", search Hart Dance Team and change the allocation to 100%, so we can start earning money  as soon as possible.  You MUST choose "CREDIT" if you are paying with a debit card in order for the team to benefit.
Check out some of the participating restaurants/shops...Subway, Chili's, Spumoni, Wendy's, Pink, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Kinsley, American Eagle...just to name a few. 
Here is the link:
Click here for instructions to register your Ralph's Rewards cards.  All NEW team members must register now and ALL team members will need to re-register on or after September 1st.  
Next time you shop on Amazon, type in Amazon Smile when ordering. It will ask what charity and then you can choose Hart Dance Team.
Please ask all your friends and family to do the same!