Wendy Watkins

Wendy Watkins, a third year veteran of the Dallas Desperados Dancers, was born in Dallas and raised in Irving, Texas where she graduated from Irving High School. She currently works in Special Projects at a Chiropractor's Office.

Wendy first started dancing when she became a cheerleader for IGCA! She started on the Minor Longhorns in 1990. She then continued to cheer for several other teams before making her way to becoming a Dallas Desperados Dancers.

She's appeared and performed on FOX's Good Day, performed and visited with troops at Fort Hood, Texas; and performed with Toby Keith.

When she's not dancing, she loves spending time with her family and friends; going to church; and shopping. She also enjoys golfing with her boyfriend, Shane.

"I loved cheering for IGCA, it was a terrific experience. I cheered for the Longhorns, Bulldogs and Broncos. I had loads of fun and gained experience in working hard as part of a team, the importance of projection and developed great friendships. My coaches Tammy Golden and Cindy Keith, required our giving 100% and it's paid off!"

Rachel Dodson

Rachel Dodson was born in Plano and raised in Irving. She attended MacArthur High School, where she was a Cardette, and was captain her senior year. She graduated in 1999 and followed her full dance scholarship to McLennan Community College in Waco. She received her BA in Education at the University of Texas at Dallas and her Masters in Library Science at the University of North Texas. She is currently the school librarian at Bluebonnet Elementary in Flower Mound, Texas. She also works for American Drill Team School as a contest judge and summer camp instructor.

Rachel always loved to dance, but did not start formally until her first year on Junior Sparklers in 1993, and then continued until 1996. She then was a junior assistant for the Minor Dragons and Junior Sparklers. Rachel then was a member and lead dancer of the first and only Senior Sparkler team in 1999. In 2002, she came back to the organization to co-coach the Bantom Steelers, the team became the Pee Wee Bucs the next year, and Rachel also became co-director of the Elementary Sparklers. She coached the team one more year and then left to finish school, but remains involved with the girls and the team by choreographing team routines, solos, and ensembles.

When she's not dancing, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family, husband John and her two sons.

"Although I was in IGCA a much shorter time than most girls, and never cheered, I still love the organization like I was in it from the time I was born. Sparkler memories remain to be some of the best times I ever had. I met my best friend my first year on the team, and am still in contact with dozens of others that I met soley through being in IGCA. Sherry Martinez, Elizabeth Lane, Becky Hilton, and my mom, Pat Henry, were my coaches through my four years, and along with my high school drill team coach, made me the dancer I am today. Their continued compassion, love, and support for the girls truly made me want to be a dancer forever, and gave me a passion that will last the rest of my life. I felt compelled and honored to come back and coach in the organization that gave me my very first ever start, and I am so grateful for every opportunity that has arisen from me being a Sparkler."