SRIHPA Constitution

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St.RoseHigh School Ice Hockey Parents Association



The name of the organization is the St. Rose Ice Hockey Parents Association (IHPA).


The purpose of the IHPA is to encourage family interest in, and attendance at Ice Hockey activities/games for St.RoseHigh School, to give moral support and financial support to the team and to cooperate with the Administration of St. Rose.  The organization will reflect the values and principles of St.RoseHigh School and participate in activities that enhance the School’s image in the community.



The Officers of the IHPA shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The officers shall have students who are active participants on the St. Rose Ice Hockey Team.  These Officers shall be referred to collectively as the Executive Board of the IHPA.



President:  The president shall preside at the meetings of the general membership and of the executive board.  He/She shall perform such duties as are customarily incumbent upon this office.  These duties may include but are not restricted to:  Organizing Captain’s Practice for pre-season practice, organize all fund-raising activities and distribution of responsibilities for fund-raiser activities.  The president shall be a voting member, and may direct the expenditure of IHPA funds for non-budgeted items up to a maximum of $50.00 without seeking executive board approval.

Vice-president:  The Vice-president, in the absence of the president, shall perform all the duties of the president and such duties as are assigned to this office.

Secretary:  The recoding secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, distribute copies of such minutes to the Advisor and IHPA membership, and conduct all correspondence of the IHPA.

Treasurer:  The treasurer shall receive all fund-raising monies, player participation fees, and all other monies of the IHPA.  The treasurer shall keep an accurate ledger of all income and expenditures and reconcile account balances with the Athletic Director on a monthly basis. The treasure shall provide an accurate report of account balances at each IHPA meeting.  


Membership is open to anyone with interest in supporting the St. Rose High School Ice Hockey Team.  Regular members, however, can not become part of the executive board unless they have a player on the team. 


Verbal nominations for each position will be presented to the entire IHPA membership at the seasonal year end meeting (March).  Each position will follow the same process: nomination, acceptance of nomination, “second” to nomination and be voted on before proceeding to the next position.  (The order for voting will be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).  Nominees must be present at the meeting.


Returning Officers who wish to maintain their position will be required to follow the standard process to maintain their position.  A majority vote of the members present at the meeting will be required to obtain a position.  In order to take a vote of the Executive Board, a quorum of 75% of the membership is required. 

Voting will be performed in writing, and only those members who have completed a minimum of 70% attendance at meetings are eligible to vote.  The St. Rose Athletic Director will tally the votes, and present a written account of the results.

A term of office for the Executive Board shall be one year and a person may not serve more than three years consecutively in any one elected office.  If, during the course of any officer’s term, that position is vacated, then the President shall appoint a member in good standing to fill that position with a simple majority vote of the Executive Board.  In the event the vacancy occurs in the office of the President, then the Vice-President will assume the vacant office for the remainder of the term and appoint a member to the Vice President position. 


IHPA meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month from September to March.  Additional meetings may be held with sufficient (minimum one week) notification to all members.  Open enrollment for members will be announced in the St.RoseHigh School mailings in September. 


All funds raised by the IHPA are to be recorded by the Treasurer and turned into the Athletic Director of St. Rose High School as expeditiously as possible.  All funds are credited to the Ice Hockey team account.  All disbursements must be approved by the Treasurer before being submitted to the Athletic Director for payment.  The Treasurer shall provide an account activities report for each meeting, and Annual Report shall be submitted at the March meeting.  The Annual report shall include an itemized listing of income and expenses disbursed through the IHPA account as detailed by the Athletic Director.  In the event the IHPA is disbanded, St.RoseHigh School will be responsible for the completion of all licensed fund-raisers.

At the conclusion of each year, the balance of funds existing in the Ice Hockey account will be maintained for use in the following season. 


The IHPA and the school administration will make every effort to meet at the start of the school year to formulated goals for the coming season.  St.RoseHigh School shall designate a member of the faculty or staff to serve as an Advisor to the IHPA.  The Advisor shall serve in an ex-officio capacity on the Executive Board and all committees. 


These by laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Board when deemed necessary and when acting in the best interest of the Ice Hockey team. 

Order of Business

I.       Meeting

A.     Call to Order

1.      Roll Call

B.     Routine Action

1.      Reading the Minutes

2.      Secretary report of correspondence

3.      Treasurer’s report

C.     Information and Reports

1.      Communications of the President

2.      Report on Completed Fund-raiser activity

D.    Unfinished Business

E.     New Business

F.     Closing remarks

1.      Adjournment