DBL Rule Book


A. Gameplay

            1. Teams are consisted of 3 on 3. You must have at least 2 players to play or it’s a forfeit.

            2. A field goal is worth 2 points, a 3-point field goal is worth 3 points, and a free throw is

            is worth 1 point.

            3. Games are played to 33 points win by 3 points or first to 39.

            4. If a ball goes out of bounds it will be taken up top.

5. The defensive team will check the ball when they ready after a made basket, out of bounds, or shoot for ball. Pass ins are required!! Must Pass to a teammate first!

6. Jump balls or 50/50 plays will be settled by someone shooting a 3 pointer for the ball. Ball don’t lie

7. If the ball goes over the backboard, hits the back of the backboard, or the back corner of the backboard after a shot it is out of bounds

8. If the ball hits the pole it is out


B. Fouls

1. Fouls are call your own. A foul on the floor and shooting fouls will both be taken back  up top.

2. On the 5th team foul, the other player who got fouled will shoot 1 free throw and get the ball back.

3. Games are all by each team’s discretion, trash talking is ok but fights will not be tolerated.

4. Fans and scorekeepers are not refs. If there is a disagreement it is up to the teams to come to a compromise. If they cannot decide, shoot for the ball. Ball don't lie. 

5. Only in extreme situations may the players consult with fans or scorekeepers about a previous play or foul.


C. Equipment/Stats

1. If you have a basketball please bring it to every game. There should be 2 DBL game  balls but in case of emergency have another one.

2. There should also be other teams, fans, or subs there who will be willing to keep stats and the score. If for some reason there is no one else but your two teams there, please just keep the score and stats will be N/A for that game