Scott Symons, Featured Fitness Member (August 2018)


Scott is a 43 year old GM employee who resides here in Clio with his wife, Anne.

He became a member at The MAAC in November of 2017 and immediately began a personal training regimen with our expert staff.


Scott has exercised on and off for years, but realized he needed to make a change. "I'm in my min-40s and not getting any younger, so I knew that I needed to be more consistent and take better care of my health," he said.

Scott has shown so much progress, that it even inspired his wife, Anne, to join The MAAC and begin training as well. "I've already lost 20 pounds and gone from 24% body fat to 18%."

Scott's goal is to lose another 20 pounds and to reach only 12% body fat. Goals he feels are well within his reach with the help of his trainer, Melissa.

"I love training with Melissa and I always look forward to our workouts," he said.

When asked what some of his favorite things about The MAAC were, Scott didn't hesitate to point out "the positive energy and enthusiasm of the employees and member." He also loves the classic rock that plays over the sound sytem.

Scott is well on his way to achieving all of his goals and we are very proud of him!



Joann Podleski, Featured Fitness Member (July 2018)


Joann, a 66 year old dance instructor, has become one of our most dedicated clients, having trained consistently for over two years.

She joined The MAAC on her 64th birthday and immediately began training with our longest tenured trainer, Tom Jones.

I told Tom he had one year to get me into the best shape of my life.” she said. Since then, Joann has been training twice a week with Tom.

Tom is an awesome trainer,” she said. “He has made a huge impact in my life and my health. He has been encouraging, thoughtful, and even used some tough love. He has pushed me beyond any limits I thought I had.”

Joann began her fitness journey in hopes to be healthy, fit, and toned and, in the process, she has become a part of our close-knit family here at The MAAC. We are all so very proud of her and glad to have her as part of our valued membership base.





Randy Schneider, Featured Fitness Member (June 2018)

Randy is one of our longest tenured members here at The MAAC.


He first joined our fitness center over 10 years ago, when we were located in the mezzanine above our basketball courts.


Randy resides here in Clio with his wife Margaret and enjoys visiting The MAAC because it is so close to his house, as well as other things.


“The MAAC has the best equipment, great trainers, and is always very clean,” he said.


Randy has been committed to fitness all of his life and regularly plays tennis and golf, on-top of his visits to the gym. At 68 years old, he still lives a very active lifestyle.


He is determined to stay healthy and committed to doing everything he wants to do. “I'm still looking ahead and not back,” he said.


Randy enjoys working his arms and legs in-between visiting with our other gym patrons. “I've met a lot of nice people at The MAAC from all walks of life,” he said.


Our friend, Randy brings an energetic personality with him every time he visits. His personality rubs off on our staff and his fellow gym members. We enjoy having him as part of our valued membership base and are proud to be a part of his active lifestyle.




Linda Daniel, Featured Fitness Member (May 18, 2018)

Linda is a 48 year old mother who resides in Burt, MI.


She came to The MAAC in October of 2017 with very lofty goals for herself. Linda immediately began training with our head trainer, Melissa Kwiatkowski, and has seen tremendous results, including losing over 50 pounds and 28+ inches of body fat.


"I enjoy the atmosphere every time I go to The MAAC. Everyone is upbeat and friendly," Linda says.


Linda has prospered under the direction of our training staff. "Melissa is an awesome trainer! She motivates me, not only in the gym, but on a personal side by text message. With Melissa and now Julia's help as well, I feel I am well on my way to a healthier me."


Linda is anxiously awaiting her son's wedding in June. Her original fitness goal was to fit into a size 14 by the wedding - which she has already accomplished!


"Signing up with The MAAC was the best investment for me," she said.


Linda's fitness journey has been great to watch and we couldn't be any more proud of her!