About Old Settlers

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Old Settlers Park, Round Rock, TX

Round Rock's Old Settlers Park is the City's crown jewel of the park system and is a well-known sports destination in the youth and amateur sports leagues. The park's 570 acres provides ample space for several recreational pursuits such as disc golf, cricket, 20-field baseball complex, 5-field softball complex, soccer facilities, and more. Old Settlers Park is also a place to congregate outside, bbq and have a game of horseshoes at one of the two pavilions. Game on!

Fields 1 - 4. Center Field = 200' No Lights

Fields 5 - 11. Center Field =200' (Field 5 = 300') Lights on ALL FIELDS

Fields 12 - 15. Center Field = 315-350' Lights on ALL FIELDS

Fields 16 - 20. Center Field = 220-250' Lights on ALL FIELDS

Fields 1B - 5B. Center Field = 200' / 8' Tall. Lights on ALL FIELDS