Where does the money go?

When does the Pop Warner season start and end? 
All our players are invited to take the field for non-mandatory summer conditioning camps twice a week in early June. Participants must have a 2018 liability waiver signed, provided by the league, in order to participate in the conditioning camps. Mandatory practice beginning on the first Tuesday of August. The regular season ends approximately the last week of October. Playoff games and post season bowl games may extend the season to the first weekend of December. That is the weekend of travel bowl games to such places as Laughlin, Lake Havasu, Las Vegas, or San Diego. Teams that qualify for National Playoffs will have the opportunity to travel to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

My child has never played tackle football. Will he/she be okay? 
Over half of the boys and girls who sign up every year have had little or no prior football experience. Our coaches are aware of this and take it into consideration during the conditioning and initial instruction period throughout the month of August. This is one of the reasons why it is of utmost importance for your child to attend each and every scheduled practice. We also offer free preseason camps that begin in July. These camps are entirely optional and under no circumstance mandatory and non-participation in this or any other camp will not have any bearing on how much and/or what position your child will play.

We always take vacation in August, will this be a problem?
Absolutely! In the past, it was acceptable for a child to miss one week of practice in August without missing a beat but with the advancement of the game and cheer routines it is vital that he/she attend every regularly scheduled practice. We understand the commitment and sacrifice your family has to make but what your child will learn and achieve rest on prompt and consistent attendance. August is when fundamental instruction takes place and each athlete must put in mandatory conditioning hours before they may advance to the next stage of instruction. We have found that most boys and girls who miss at least one week of practice in August find it difficult to catch up in time for the first game of the season. 

When and where are practices and games?
Mandatory practice begins this year (2018) for all players and cheerleaders on Thursday, August 2nd. All our teams will practice from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM - Monday through Friday throughout the month of August up to Labor Day Weekend. After Labor Day, teams will practice three times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays also from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM. Practices will be held Don Derr Park. Home games location TBA.

Games are played every Saturday beginning in mid to late August. Normally, each team will play three to four home games and/or three to four away games but game schedules are chosen at random so it could vary. Away games could be at any of the nineteen cities within our conference. Please make sure you are willing to travel to any of the following cities: Chino, Fontana, High Desert,  La Verne/San Dimas, Moreno Valley, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, San Bernardino, and Upland.

How many games are there?
Each team will typically have one scrimmage game, seven to eight regular season games and one bowl game for a total of ten games. Teams that make the playoffs can play up to six additional games and those that are eligible may play in a travel bowl game. That's eleven to seventeen games possible per season.

What equipment will I need to provide for my child? 
Riverside Pop Warner will provide all the necessary equipment needed to safely play the sport of football. Players are provided the following on a loan only basis: helmet, shoulder pads, home and away jersey, practice jersey, game pants, practice pants, socks, chin strap, 7 piece pad set, girdle. These items are returned at the end of the season. Parents must provide 
cleats and a soft cup. In addition, they must provide a white t-shirt with his/her last name written across his back with a black Sharpe and black athletic shorts for conditioning week.

Cheerleaders are provided the shell, skirt, bloomers, socks, bow and pom poms. Shoes are purchased by the parents.

How do I determine what team my child will placed on and can I request a certain team?
The division/team your child will be placed on is dependent upon his/her age and weight as of July 31st. Player placement is left to the discretion of the Association President and Certification Chairperson only, request for player placement by a parent or coach will not be considered or accepted.

Cheerleaders will be placed on teams according to their age only.

It is the policy of Riverside Pop Warner that a player be placed in the lowest division for which they are eligible as long as there is roster space available.

Are there tryouts or cuts?
No, we accept the first thirty five players per division who complete their registration regardless of their playing experience and ability (barring any medical reason which may prohibit participation) We will not cut a player in order to make room for another. Depending on the number or registered players we can add a second team to any of our divisions. Also based on registration numbers, we may not field a team in all divisions.

What if our plans change, can we get a refund?
It is the policy of Riverside Pop Warner that no refund, full or partial, be given after August 1st, once the players take the field. We purchase and order equipment and jerseys based on the number of registrants and our orders are placed well ahead of the start of the season.