July 3 2018

Welcome to IN THE HUDDLE. In the huddle is a news article on board updates and insight, direction, reasoning and to provide information of the Wylie Football League. I will try to publish this article once a month, schedule permitting. I will also be interjecting some of my own opinions so don’t be offended here, they will only be my thoughts as I see it and I need to mention unedited. I will try to keep these short. (TRY)


Sponsorships and Scholarships

The WFL is a non-profit organization in other words we are not out to make money. We depend entirely on memberships funds. Visa vie, registration fees. We do however have a way for alternate income for the WFL called, Sponsorships. The sponsors donate money the league to offset the cost of field equipment, painting of the goal posts, and paint for striping of the fields as well as scholarships to defer the cost for players who would not be able to afford the opportunity to play football. The WFL board Members go out and solicit, basically beg, local businesses to donate money to the league. For example: SunShade Awning gave the WFL $500.00 to sponsor the League. The minute I told them it was about the kids they brought out the check book. I haven’t even handed them the Sponsorship application yet. So I would categorize SunShade Awning as a good company with good people who believe in the Wylie community as well as its future. I am personally look at Inwood National bank and Wylie family Dentistry for Sponsorships. Will see what these local companies do.


Welcome to the thankless of being a Board Member

A WFL Director is, in my humble opinion, a most selfless and unique individual. He or she will work tirelessly for the betterment of the league and for the children. Mostly the children.

All of the Directors are unpaid and over worked. Here are some of the duties of a Director for the League: Accountant, Tax manager, Advocate, human resources, salesman, psychologist, Coaches, Customer services agents, promoters, Data analyst, Sponsors, schedulers, program developer, Office administrator, executive Assistant, Operations manager & worker, Web designer, marketing agent, equipment coordinator, Purchasing agent and the list goes on and on. Let’s not forget the training, a director is trained in first-aid, CPR and Concussion protocol.  All of these things are on the Directors own time, away from his/her family. All because of the love of the Game and the kids.

This current Board of Directors are some of the finest people that I have the privilege to know and serve with. Each one of the Directors has a vital part in on the board of Directors and do so with the Ute most integrity. So, when you have issues involving or about the League be kind, these Group of people only have your child’s interest at heart. These selfless individuals are here for the Love of the Game and to give back to the community which in turn benefits you as well as your child and the other kids   

The Board of Directors meets on the first Sunday of the Month. All members are invited to attend.


Thanks for reading

Mark R. Burnett

President WFL