New England College Instructional Program

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New England College Instructional Program( NECIP):
The College Instructional Program (NECIP) is for senior players that are alumni. This program is designed to help players that want to continue their individual baseball development during the summer months.
This program allows senior players the freedom to create their own practice schedule, work during the summer, take a college class and play on a summer team while still working on developing their individual baseball skills during the summer months. 

  • A senior player enrolled in this program can attend ANY Baseball U Connecticut practice(s) Tues/Weds/Thurs for any length of time. A senior alumni may particiapte in an 17U, non showcase event upon request or based on their individual/programming needs.


  • Players can continue their individual development with the Baseball U Connecticut professional teaching staff between 9am-2pm.


  • Enrolled players are free to condition from 9-10 am with professional core strength and conditioning trainers.

If you are interested in registering for this program please send an email to or call 203 258 7136