Suburban Travel Baseball League Overview

STBL is a private non-profit baseball league that serves the greater Bucks County, PA area. STBL was founded in 1999 to provide players at many age levels with a more challenging and competitive game environment.
STBL is not affiliated with any national organizations such as Little League or Babe Ruth. STBL does require member organizations to be affiliated with an established national organization. This requirement ensures each organization has clearly defined boundaries, insurance, and administration.

Organizations pay a fee to participate in the Suburban Travel Baseball League. This fee covers costs associated with trophies, insurance, All-Star activities & T-shirts, and other associated materials needed to support the day to day operations of the organization.

STBL has:
- A board of directors that meet monthly.
- Age group commissioners elected by the Board.
- Member teams at the following age levels: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14/15.
- A Rule Book that is updated every season. STBL follows Major League Baseball Rules and lists all "League specific" deviations in it's own Rulebook.

Each Member Organization:
- Elects a Travel Baseball Director (this person attends the monthly STBL meetings).                                                             (Missed meetings will result in a $25 fine for your organization).
- Provides paid PIAA certified umpires to officiate every home game
- Prepares and maintains their home field and equipment
- Hosts registration and try-outs for Travel Baseball

Each Team Manager should:
- Utilize your organization's Travel Baseball Representative as the liason between STBL and your team
- Coordinate game date/time changes with opposing Manager & Age Group Commissioner
- Provide winning scores to the Age Group Commissioner each Sunday
- Ensure your players are represented at the ALL-STAR games (coordinate with your Age Group Commissioner)
- Demonstrate & demand "Good Sportsmanship"....always.

Each Age Group has:
- An Age Group Commissioner that reports to the STBL Board.                                                                                                (Each coach coordinates game date/time changes and provides winning scores to the Commissioner).
- An ALL-STAR game for each age group.
- Playoff games and a championship game.
- Approximately 14 regular season games (7 home / 7 away)
- Travel games on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Age Groups:
-  8 Yr Olds: No player should turn 9 before May 1st.
-  9 Yr Olds: No player should turn 10 before May 1st.
- 10 Yr Olds: No player should turn 11 before May 1st.
- 11 Yr Olds: No player should turn 12 before May 1st.
- 12 Yr Olds: No player should turn 13 before May 1st.
- 13 Yr Olds: No player should turn 14 before May 1st.
- 14 Yr Olds: No player should turn 15 before May 1st.
- 15 Yr Olds: No player should turn 16 before May 1st.

STBL Mailing Address:
Suburban Travel Baseball League
C/O Dan McBreen
3272 Sarmiento Dr
Bensalem, PA 19020

Mail all checks to:
Suburban Travel Baseball League
C/O Gerry Callanan
1038 Longfield Road
Southampton, PA 18966

STBL Website:
This website was created in January 2003.
It is our primary method to share information with our Teams, Coaches, and Parents.

Umpire Service
STBL recommends the use of Bob Wolf Umpire Service