Do I need previous baseball experience to play in the York Baseball Association?

No. We welcome beginners of all ages. Each year, we have many players at every age level who have never played baseball before.


What equipment do I need to provide?

Players need only provide a baseball glove and a Jock or Jill protective cup. All other equipment such as bats and helmets are provided by the league. It is strongly recommended that players write their names on gloves in permanent marker.


How much does it cost to play?

Our Saturday morning programs for 4-8 year olds costs only $75 for the season (April - July). The fee includes a uniform, hat and commemorative photos and medals that are yours to keep!

Our Weeknight programs for 9-16 year olds cost $150 for the season. The fee includes a uniform (shirt, pants, socks, hat) and keepsake photos and medals - all yours to keep.

**York Baseball offers a "Family Discount" of $25 for each sibling**

The Riverdogs Bantam "A" Rep team sets its own fees, according to their projected costs for the season.

The York Blue Jays Midget Team sets its fees each year according to the season and tournament costs. 


When are games played?

Our programs for young players (T-ball & Rookieball) run from April to July on Saturday Mornings. 

Our Mosquito & Peewee teams play on weeknights beginning at 6:00pm - from April to September

Our Bantam teams play later at night, 8:00pm, "under the lights" - From April to September


What Division (Age Group) should I register for?

In Canada most baseball organizations, like York Baseball, have the following age groups:

T-Ball: A fun game of hitting, running and fielding for our youngest players, ages 4, 5 & 6. Batters learn to hit a ball placed on a Tee and run the bases while the opposing team 'fields the ball'.

Rookie-Ball: A more competitive game for our 6, 7 & 8 year old players. The main difference from T-Ball is that the ball is 'pitched' by a machine.

*6 year-olds may be invited to join a Rookie-Ball team, based on demonstrated ability, at the coach's discretion.

Mosquito: The youngest division that features players pitching the ball to the opposing batter. This division is for players age 9, 10 & 11.

Peewee: Played on our larger field, Pewee games include a regulation pitchers mound and 'lead-offs' for true baseball action. Played by our 12 & 13 year-old players.

Bantam: For our 14 & 15 year-old players, Bantam games are played later on weeknights, under the lights at Smythe Park.  

Midget: For players 16 and older, we are offering a "select" team which will play teams from other organizations once a week.

For our most advanced Midget aged players, we offer a chance to try-out for the York Blue Jays AA Team. This team plays their home games at Keelesdale North Park.


Where do you play your games?

The York Baseball Association operates out of Smythe Park and Keelsedale North Park.

Smythe Park is located south of Eglinton Ave between Jane Street and Scarlett Road.

It is accessible from Jane Street at Alliance Ave. by footpath.

The parking lot entrance is at 175 Scarlett Road (between Eglinton and Dundas).  

Keelesdale North Park is located on the northeast corner of Black Creek Drive and Eglinton Ave. (1 traffic light north of Eglinton)

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