General Club Information

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General Club Information


Each player has a different experience as a club member. Naturally, some players are more successful than others. Players who put more effort into the program usually get more out of it than those who don't work as hard. These are what we feel are the major benefits of the program:

*Instruction: We are proud of the coaching staff we assembled. Our staff consists of current and former college players, high school and college coaches, and former club members.

*Extended Training Schedule: Top collegiate programs work nearly year round because volleyball takes a long time to master. Since high school programs are restricted to a few weeks of practice followed by an intensive match schedule, good technical instruction can be hard to obtain during school. Our training allows ample time for work on techniques so that players may improve their skill levels.

*Goal Setting: We want our players to set team and individual goals. Whether it's to make a Varsity High School team or play in College, our players should set goals and work hard to achieve them.

*New Friendships: Since our players are committed to becoming the best they can be, many new friendships can be formed from different schools.

*Increased Discipline: The time commitment required to be in a junior program requires that study habits improve and players budget their time better. It's also vital that players have disciplined work habits on the court.

*Exposure to College Recruiters: As a member of most high school programs, it is likely that the only way a college coach will see you is if your or your opponent has an outstanding player. Coaches regularly attend junior competitions. Some even occasionally attend practices.

*Fitness: Conditioning does not play a large part in our plans because it takes vital time away from practices; however, it is necessary for players to be fit in order to succeed. Therefore, conditioning and proper eating habits outside of practice sessions is encouraged.

*Leadership Skills: The age-group system requires that younger players become leaders. The oldest players in the 16 and under, for example, are sophomores. Players returning to high school as juniors are often leaders ahead of their time due to their junior volleyball experience.

*Education: We are trying to create smarter players, not just better players. Volleyball is a sport in which new situations happen frequently and outstanding players learn to deal effectively with new situations.

*Fun: We think it is a lot more fun to play volleyball at a higher level. As player?s progress and the speed of the game increases, it becomes more fun all the time.


Just showing up for practices isn't enough. We need players who are punctual, who are in the proper frame of mind to work hard, and who pay attention to coaches and cooperate with teammates and coaches.

COMMITMENT: It is vital to be committed to the program. If you really don't want to participate, don't. If you work hard in practices, matches, and scrimmages, you are likely to have a successful season. Players who are committed to improving will have little time for you if you simply wish to turn practices into social events.

REGULAR ATTENDANCE: We know that not all players can show up to every practice. Exams and other activities sometimes must take priority. It's important that you attend every possible practice, though, and notify coaches when you can't attend. Missing practices may affect playing time at the coach's discretion.

RESPECT FOR THE RULES OF THE CLUB: This includes the USA Players Code of Conduct. Rules will be clearly stated, and will be enforced. Breaking rules could lead to expulsion from the club. As a general rule- DON'T do anything to embarrass yourself, your family, or ERCV.

COOPERATION: You will, for example, take an overnight trip with us. These trips require that you will have some rules that you'll have to live by. We expect you to respect the rules we make and show respect for your coach and teammates.

IMAGE PRESENTATION: Most of the time, players are not aware when college coaches are present. You can make or break your recruiting chances, or even the chance of a teammate by the way you act when a member of a team. A positive attitude is everything.

MAINTAINING GOOD GRADES: Even though not all players are trying to earn scholarships, we still consider ourselves a college prep program. We think that you should consider yourselves scholar-athletes, and strive for the best possible performance in school.


Yes, parents, we do expect some things from you. We are a club and a non-profit organization at that, and sometimes parents forget that just writing out a dues check does not keep the club operating smoothly. Please remember that there are several areas in which you can help us:

1. Please assist us in finding gyms to use for practice. Parents, not coaches have the best chance to obtain new facilities for us. We can always use more gyms. If you think you know of a facility, please contact the Director.

2. Deliver and pick up players on time. If practice is set to begin at 1:00pm, that means DRESSED and READY to start at 1:00pm. Late arrivals to practice cause disruption. Please remember that coaches have families or other commitments after practices.

3. Please assist with transportation of players to out of town events. The club is opposed to players driving to these events. We can assist with formation of car pools if you are interested.

4. Pay dues on time. If dues are not paid on time, coaches, tournament fees, and bills cannot be paid. Remember, players will be withheld from participation in tournaments and practices if fee payments are not made on time.

5. Solicit corporate grants and sponsorships. Parents have the contacts available to help us gain sponsorships for our team.

6. Please watch your daughter when they compete. Even though they may not let you know, they will appreciate it if you are there to cheer them on when you can. Also, remember that your daughter has a coach, let the coach do their job while the players are on the court and you as parents are their positive cheerleader.

7. As spectators, please be courteous! Believe me, you are not going to like all the calls the referees make, but parents need to be role models for the players! Remember, others watch you as a representative of our club as well as the players and coaches. As a general rule- DON'T do anything to embarrass yourself, your daughter, or ERCV.

8. Please let your daughter work with their coach if a problem arises. We expect players to speak to coaches in these circumstances, not the parent. If the problem is not solved at that point, the player can contact the Club Director. Only after these two options are attempted, a parent may ask for a meeting involving the coach, player, parents, and Club Director.

9. Finally, please do NOT talk negatively about a coach, player, or a board member around your daughter or any other players. This will hurt your daughter more that you will ever know!

With good cooperation from parents and players, we feel that the club will enjoy a great season!


Handout: Player's/Parent's Code of Conduct

Playing Time...
Evansville River City Volleyball is a competitive sport. We have two levels of teams (Open, & Club)

9U-U12 Teams-all players will play, but not necessarily equal time. These teams are about teaching the fundamentals of volleyball and a love for the game.

U13-U18 OPEN Teams- playing time is NOT guaranteed and is the coach's decision. Time played is based on ability, practice attendance, effort, attitude, and team unity to name a few. Our goal is to improve players individually and win team championships.

U13-U18 CLUB Teams- while playing time is still not guaranteed, our coaches are instructed to play players that show a commitment to the sport and their team. Playing time is still affected by practice attendance, effort, attitude, and team unity to name a few.

**ALWAYS observe the 24-hour rule. NEVER EVER approach a coach within 24 hours of a match to discuss playing time issues, strategy, or anything else that might jeopardize your child's future relationship with their coach and future with Evansville River City!!


College Volleyball Information (click here for list of colleges)
Junior Program athletes have been so successful that most NCAA Division I, II, and III coaches recruit exclusively from the Junior Program ranks. The reason for this is simple. Coaches can see many solid prospects in a single day at a Junior Tournament, while it is difficult to see more than one prospect a day during the high school season. This becomes even truer with the NCAA rules governing the number of times a collegiate coach can contact or observe in person a given player.

Junior Volleyball is not only for the college bound athlete. Many athletes play to improve their skills in order to make their high school or top-level grade school teams. Junior Volleyball allows players of all skills levels to learn, improve, and progress at a pace they can achieve.


Travel Arrangements
Out of town tournaments are usually in Louisville, Indianapolis, St Louis, Cincinnati, Huntsville, etc. An event may last from 1-3 days.

You can check our links page for hotel options.

It is up to the player's parent/guardian to make arrangements/cancellations. If you are not accompanying your child, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to share a room and/or the costs. If several players are going together, they should have a parent chaperone in the room.

If you are interested in rooms for a weekend tournament, please note the following...

Rollaway beds are usually available. Check cost and availability when making your reservation.

Once the reservation is made, it is your responsibility to make any necessary cancellations directly with the hotel.


Parent's Tournament Guide
* Every tournament has multiple playing sites. Please stay up-to-date by frequently checking the web site for and changes, directions to the sites, etc. You may want to print directions to all of the playing sites before leaving home as you may not know which sites you will be playing at until you get there. 

* Most tournaments begin with pool play the 1st day based on a play, ref, sit rotation or a variation of that. How well your team plays the 1st day of pool play usually determines what bracket they will be in on day 2 and/or day 3. If your team is not playing they will be required to ref at some point. All team members are expected to rotate roles in refereeing and are expected to stay at the court until the match is over.

* Most often, plan for long days. The number of matches played per day varies from tournament to tournament.

* Standings in pool play and the tournament bracket are posted at most playing sites. If you have any questions as to when your team plays next you should check with your coach or refer to the standings board.

* On the actual tournament day it is a single elimination tournament. If your team loses they are required to ref the following game before leaving.


* Extra pair of socks, sports bra, extra pair of shoe stings, knee pads, ponytail holders.

* Sweat pants and sweatshirt to wear over spandex when not playing.

* Band aids, Advil, Tylenol, Ziploc bags for a quick ice bag, small sewing kit, safety pins, small container of detergent or woolite to wash out uniform when you get back to hotel, and of course your own personal toiletries, and clothing.

* Often the girls will change shirts and shorts before the next match and freshen up in the restroom. Therefore, it is a good idea to pack deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a washcloth in your gym bag.

* A pillow, blanket or sleeping bag to lie on between matches.

* Not all facilities have seating so it is good to carry chairs.

* Taking along a CD player with extra batteries, camera, a book, homework, or a deck of cards helps the girls pass the time between matches.

* Be prepared to pack a cooler with snack: Fruit (especially bananas), fruit salad, peanuts, chips, pretzels, jar of peanut butter, jelly, loaf of bread, bagels, candy yogurt, cookies, bottled water, sports drinks, lunch meat, cheese. Having something prepackaged that the girls can get to quickly is good. The girls often like to share.

* It is always good to carry along paper plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups, paper towels and wet wipes.

* Many of the facilities will have concession and do not want you to carry in food and drinks, so it is wise to carry a large tote or bag. It is helpful for the girls to have a thermos to drink from so that it can be refilled.


* Encourage your daughter to spend free time with her teammates. This will help the team to bond both on and off the court.

* Remember that the person you are sitting next to at a tournament also has a daughter on the court. Be courteous and be a positive role model for the girls.