13/14U Playing Rules

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The following basic rules and regulations will govern play in the Metro Baseball League for 2016. The list of rules and regulations is NOT intended to cover all of the playing rules, but rather highlight those areas that are referenced most often by the coaches and participants. In general, the PMBL has adopted the National Federation High School League rules. Except where modified below.

A. Players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before April 1st. It is permissible for a player to play up from their designated age division, but they may not play down. For example, an 11 year old may play in the 12 year old division, but a 13 year old may NOT play in the 12 year old division.  Because we now allow "open" teams, a player may be rostered on more than one team.  However, before a team plays their first playoff game, any player who is listed on their roster and another team's roster simultaneously, must be removed from all rosters except one. 
B. Rosters must be sent to commissioner. Because we now allow "open" teams, a player may be rostered on more than one team.  However, before a team plays their first playoff game, any player who is listed on their roster and another team's roster simultaneously, must be removed from all rosters except one.  There is a maximum of 16 players per team. Roster additions may be made through May 31st. Any player(s) added after that date, must be approved by the PMBL.

A. There may be multiple skill levels at this age group

A. The following base lengths shall apply:
13U- 80.0 feet    (EXCEPTION- If a field is set-up for Bronco distances, those distances will be allowed at that field) 
14U- * There will be two options for 14U teams.  Either 80' or 90'
B. The following pitching distances shall apply:
13U- 54 feet        (EXCEPTION- If a field is set-up for Bronco distances, those distances will be allowed at that field) 
14U- * There will be two options for 14U teams.  Either 54' or 60' 6"
A. Shoes
B. Bats - The following pertains to the legality of bats in the PMBL
In diameter at the thickest part:……2 5/8" or less, with minus 11 weight differential or less.  In length:   36" or less

A. All players, coaches and spectators are to behave in a manner that reflects the positive fun associated with the game of baseball. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated including:
- Verbal abuse - Arguing judgment calls
- Physical aggression - Profanity
- Tantrum-like acts
B. Any player, coach or spectator ejected from a game will also be suspended from their teams next game. Further sanctions may be warranted depending upon the behavior. A second game disqualification will result in suspension from the remainder of the team's regular season and playoff games.
C. Anyone ejected for the season is entitled to an appeal. They should submit their appeal in writing to their commissioner. A hearing will be scheduled to include the party involved, their coach, the umpire, and a representative from the PMBL.

A. It will be the responsibility of EACH team to pay for (1) umpire for each game, regardless of who is the home team. It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM TO SCHEDULE THE UMPIRES (IF NOT USING THE PUA).  THE HOME MANAGER IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING THE UMPIRES IN THE EVENT OF A SCHEDULE CHANGE OR CANCELLATION. 
B. No judgment call may be protested. Only rule interpretations are allowed. Protested games will be completed only when the outcome has significant bearing on the final standings.
C. While the PMBL hopes to eliminate all "no-shows", we must also have a policy in the event that you do have a "no-show".
If 2 umpires do not show at the field at game time, both managers must agree to one of the following options:
1) Wait for an umpire to show.
2) Start the game with an agreed upon substitute umpire. To avoid conflict between both teams have one person from each team umpire the game.
3) Do not play the game and attempt to reschedule.
D. In any event, call the PMBL commissioner to report problems that arose and what solution was agreed upon. If a substitute umpire was used, and the PMB is responsible for payment, supply their name and address on an umpire reimbursement form with the game number and they will be paid for their services.

A. Each team must supply 1 new game ball for each game.
B. Home team shall keep the official scorebook.
C. Line markings and bases are the responsibility of the home team.
D. All players must be in matching uniforms.
E. Courtesy runners
The last player to be put out will be allowed to run for the current catcher any time. The player that is run for must catch the next innings. Exception: A courtesy runner (the last player to be put out) will be allowed for an injured player.
F. 13/14U will play a dropped 3rd strike rule.
G. Infield Fly rule will be in affect
H. Sliding is a must to avoid contact. Defer to high school rules.
I.  Throwing bats- One TEAM warning will be given. Second offense, hitter is "out".

A.  Continuous batting and free substitution will be used in All Pittsburgh Metro Baseball League games. The continuous batting order will be the original starting lineup handed to the the opposing team. Therefore, you may have more kids on the bench than playing in the game. The extra player not in the starting lineup, will be ineligible to play in the game for any reason even injury. Should a team use a child not in the starting lineup, this will result in a forfeit
B.  If, during the course of a game, a player in the line-up cannot continue to bat, due to an injury, his spot in the order will be skipped and that team will not be penalized.
C.  If, during the course of a game, a player in the line-up cannot continue to bat, due to any reason OTHER THAN AN INJURY, that team will record an out each time his spot in the order is reached.  (Any exceptions must be agreed upon by both managers before the game)

A. A pitcher may pitch a maximum of 4 innings per game, 6 innings per day, and a maximum of 12 innings per week.
B. Definition - A week consists of Sunday through Saturday.
One pitch in an inning constitutes an inning pitched.
C. Balks- One TEAM warning will be given. Second offense, runner(s) will advance one base.

A. The following rules shall apply:
A player may lead off and steal at any time.

A. Completed games are FINAL after 7 innings. Extra innings will be allowed based on weather conditions and sunlight.  Managers must agree BEFORE THE GAME, as to what they will do in the event of a tie game after 7 innings.  Otherwise, it will be declared a "tie". 
B. Ties will stand after curfew or darkness. Do not risk injury due to darkness. To insure the playing of the full six innings, hustle between half innings and retrieve all foul balls in a timely manner.
C. The 10 run rule will take effect after 4 1/2 innings.
D. Games called for any reason in mid-inning will revert to the score at the end of the last completed inning.

A. The PMBL shall keep current standings and they will be available to the respective coaches on the Pittsburgh Metro Baseball League website: www.leaguelineup.com/pittsburghmetrobaseball
B. Both coaches should report their completed game score to their commissioner by 5:00pm the day after the game was completed. Teams will be contacted if scores are not reported and will be assessed a penalty if it occurs more than one time.
C. Ties will be broken down by the followings procedure:
1) Head to Head competition
2) Best positive run differential in games between the tied teams
3) Best positive run differential in all games played
4) If still tied, a one game playoff will determine the winner

A. In the event that a field is unplayable due to weather, the home team coach must:
1) Notify the other coach as soon as the decision is made. This should be done no later than 90 mins prior to game time.
2) Report the weather cancellation to your league commissioner.
3) Complete a rain reschedule form and submit the form to the PMB commissioner within 1 day of the cancelled game.
• Games cancelled because of weather will be listed on the PMBL web page and rescheduled immediately.
B. If the PMBL does not hear from a coach or the coach does not report the cancellation to the commissioner, it will be assumed that the game is on as scheduled. It is then up to the umpire to decide if the field conditions are playable.
C. Games started but stopped due to weather conditions are official after 4 1/2 or 5 innings.
D. Unofficial games will be made up from the exact point of interruption. When both coaches agree on a specific date for the completion of the game, please notify the commissioner.

A. Schedule changes, once the schedule has been distributed, must be reported to the commissioner, for any game that is to be re-scheduled.
B. Games that are not properly cancelled or rescheduled results in umpires arriving at the fields and deserving to be paid for their time. If the paying of the umpire is the responsibility of the PMBL (tournaments only), any reschedule or make up game will be the responsibility of the participating teams. It will be the responsibility of the teams involved in the game to pay the umpires if they do show up and the game is cancelled. Please check with the commissioner for umpire availability before rescheduling games.

A. All teams will make the playoffs. The teams will be placed in a single elimination playoff.
B. Seedings for the PMBL playoffs will be determined based on the league standings after the completion of the regular season. Any games played after this date will not count toward the playoff standings or the forfeit fee.
C. For all games prior to the semis, the higher seed will have the right to host the games.  For the semi-finals and championship, games will be played at the home field of the highest seed. Should the #1 seed not be able to host, the #2 seed will now hold first right of refusal and so on down the seeds. The coach of the host team will be responsible for scheduling the field, contacting the other coach and supplying all pertinent information, and scheduling the umpire. 

D. PMBL will pay all umpires used in the playoffs for all levels