Directions for Regattas on the Schuylkill

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Directions for Regattas on the Schuylkill


Directions to Regattas on Schuylkill River & Dropping off Rower 


-Take 76 to the Kelly Drive exit. Exit will be on your left.

-Stay in left lane & follow around curve. This will put you on Kelly Drive. Continue straight.

-You will pass Falls Bridge on your right.

-Dropping off rower- Stay in the right lane. There will be a designated spot you can drop off your rower or family members.

-Parking in paid lots- Stay in the left lane & proceed up the hill to the stop sign.


***Please Note!!! In years past you could park along the streets for free. The city does post Do Not Park signs. If you do park there, you will be ticketed!!***


-1st Lot- Turn left at the stop sign onto Dauphin Drive. Paid lot up on your left. There is a bus shuttle there to take you to the river. Last year parking was $15 for cars & $20 for big SUV's.

-2nd Lot- Access to walking trail- Continue straight through stop sign passing playing fields on your right. You will eventually see another paid lot on your right.

Behind the mansion there is access to a walking trail that will lead to Kelly Drive.

The trail does have some hills & is quite steep at the end near Kelly Drive. If grandparents and family members cannot navigate this trail please drop them at the rower drop off.


Radnor Tent - Our tent is not far from the St. Joe's Boathouse and is an easy walk from the rower drop off point.




















































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