Calendar Legend

 Blue = BOOSTERS   |   Gold = VAR  |   Purple =  JVA   |   Green = JVB 

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List of Available Calendars:

  • Boosters (includes all summer training, combined team activities and fundraising)
  • VAR Game
  • VAR Non-Game
  • JVA Game
  • JVA Non-Game
  • JVB Game
  • JVB Non-Game

Subscribing on an iPhone/iPad:

Steps to be able to select one or many of the above schedules to sync to your calendar. 

  1. On iPhone/iPad, go to "Settings>Accounts & Passwords>Add Account"
  2. Select "Google"
  3. Enter the following email address: Press "Next"
  4. Enter the following password: ohsgs2019. Press "Next"
  5. Ensure only Calendars is turned on and Mail, Contacts and Notes is turned off as in the image below and press "Save"
    Note: By only selecting Calendar, you will keep any spam that comes from the readonlycalendar2016 account away from your mailbox.

  6. Go back to Home screen
  7. Select "Calendar>Calendars"  
  8. Select the read only calendars that you are interested in by clicking to the left of them to turn on/off.
  9. Ensure readonlycalendar2016 is unchecked as in the above image. This will keep any unwanted entries from making it to your calendar.
  10. Press "Done". Your calendar should now sync with the calendars selected.

Subscribing on a PC or Android:

  1. From your PC's web browser go to Google Calendar at
  2. You will see a calendar like the one below. Find "Other Calendars" down on the left.
  3. Click the down arrow and choose "Add by URL"
  4. Paste a link below from the set of games/booster calendar you want.  Repeat if you want more than one.
  5. Click on the calendar and it will be added to your calendars.
  6. Continue if you want it on your android phone calendar. 
  7. On your android device go into "Settings" make sure you are sync'ing your google calendar acct (you might have just created it above) to your phone. Choose the calendar from the list of calendars to view.
  8. You can set up alerts to be notified when events (change/add/delete) as you wish from the PC Google Calendar interface.