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The registration cost for the 2017 season is as follows:

Football & Cheerleading

$185 for the first child

$155 for the 2nd child

$125 for the 3rd child and every additional child


It is important to note that there is an additional mandatory Spirit Package for Cheerleaders not included in registration cost. More information will be available soon.

Every year we get the same question, What is all this money going towards?!

In an effort to become more transparent we would like to provide you with a list of "behind the scenes" costs that Bennett's Creek spends Annually. This list is a work in progress and may not include everything.

Insurance as required by Pop Warner $1500

Referee Fees $3520

Portable Toilets $750

Dumpster $1015

Scholastic Fees $1125 on average ($7.50 per child x 150 kids =1125)

Helmet Reconditioning (40 helmets)  $918

Chin Straps $643

Field Paint (Red, Black, White, & Pink) $2340

As stated above, this list DOES NOT cover everything. Some years we find it necessary to purchase new uniforms, sometimes in part, e.g. football pants, cheerleading shell top etc. and sometimes a complete uniform overhaul. At Bennett's Creek we also strive to make upgrades to our facility annually.

During the 2016 season we installed new concession doors, purchased a new freezer, and outfitted 3 cheer squads with new uniforms.


If you would like to be more involved please don't hesitate to volunteer as we have many options available. Options range from as simple as painting the filed, concession help, & chain gage all the way to joining us as a Bennett's Creek Board Member. For a more complete list of ways you can help out, please see our Volunteer Options Page.