The Vegas Bulldogs is a nonprofit organization established in 1999 and is one of the longest running club basketball programs for girls in the city of Las Vegas.  The coaching staff is consistent and stable, and the teaching styles that your child will be developed under will always be from the same coaching philosophies.  Your child will be developed, taught, and instructed by the top coaches in the State of Nevada.



Head Coach Karen Weitz has been known for turning the tables at the girls’ basketball level in the State of Nevada.  As a CCSD teacher and coach (for 21 years and a UNLV alumni), her team won the first 4A State girls basketball title in 2002, the first Southern Nevada large school title in over 21 years.  Since then, her Bulldogs have gone on to win 13 consecutive Division titles, 11 Region titles and 9 Nevada 4A State titles.  She has been named Nevada State Coach of the Year 4 times and Division/Region Coach of the Year 8 times.  Coach Weitz and her teams have been recognized and honored several times by the City Council and County Commissioners of the city of Las Vegas along with former Mayor Oscar Goodman.  To date, Coach Weitz is recognized by the NIAA as the second most winningest coach in the State of Nevada with over 600 wins.


Assistant Coach Cassandra Adams has been coaching with Weitz since 1994.  Coach Adams, a CCSD employee for 25 years, is widely known in the city of Las Vegas as one of the top players in the State from 1976-1980.  A graduate of Clark High School, Coach Adams was an All-Conference and All-State Player throughout her high school career.  She attended Dixie State College from 1980-1982 where she continued to receive All-Conference and All-Region recognition.


Assistant Coach Katie Lutman joined the Vegas Bulldog program in 2005.  Coach Lutman, a CCSD employee for 14 years, and special education major, has been an integral part in the growth at the younger levels (teams and players).  Coach Lutman started coaching at the high school level in 2004.  As the need arose for fundamental development at the younger level, she decided to begin coaching middle school athletes.  Coach Lutman debuted her middle school start at Escobedo in 2007 when the school opened.  After only 3 years she led the Lady Boxers to their first CCSD Middle School Championship.  In 2007 she also began to form the younger programs of the Vegas Bulldogs.  The program initially started with just one middle school team and has now grown to more than 3 teams.  Coach Lutman’s spring and summer teams are known for winning, playing hard, being tough both mentally and physically, knowing and understanding the game, and being winners on and off the court.   




Since 1999, the Vegas Bulldogs has proudly sent numerous players to the collegiate level on basketball scholarships.  In their history, the Vegas Bulldogs has had 1 Parade All-American player, 1 WBCC Player of the Year, 1 McDonald’s Player of the Year, 5 Gatorade Players of the Year, 17 McDonald’s All-American Nominees, 17 Gatorade Player of the Year Nominees, 6 Nevada All-State Players of the Year and 21 All State Players.





Currently, the Vegas Bulldogs offers 5 highly competitive teams:  17 & under, 16 & under, 14 & under,   7th grade,  and 5th grade & under.  We want to continue to have an atmosphere that breeds success, so we don’t water down the teams.  Expectations for all teams are the same:  come to practice, work hard, be coachable, have a positive attitude on and off the court, and keep your grades up (3.0 or better). 




Often there is a misconception about your child participating on a club team vs. a club program.   A team is a group of players formed for a “season” who may not be there the next “season.”  A program is withstanding through the years.  It has deep-seeded roots.  Time and effort are put into cultivating a star athlete, one who grows with each passing year.  This is the focus of our program.  Our coaches are not paid.  Our reward is seeing your child get better and hopefully obtain a scholarship in some form by her senior year of high school.




We all understand that choosing the right club program for your child can often be confusing.  With that in mind, here are some tips we offer to help you:


1.  Get the History of the Program – How long has the program been established?  How long do you see it continuing to be a program?  A lot of teams in Las Vegas are started and formed by parents, and when their children finish with the team, the parents finish with the program.  This often leaves others on the team with nowhere to go.


2.  What has the program done for the kids involved within that program?  What past history does the program have as far as credentials?  Are there opportunities offered for your child past the program you are choosing?


3.  What is the reputation for the coaches involved?  By this we simply mean - what connections do the coaches have at the next level to possibly help your child when their club basketball experiences come to an end?  What are your fees going toward?  Just like when you pay your bills, you should know where your money is going.  If you are paying the coaches’ salaries, do they really care if your child attends practice to improve, or do they care if you pay your fees on time?


4.  No club program can guarantee your child a college scholarship.  However, the Vegas Bulldog program does guarantee that if your child’s aspirations are to play at the next level, and your child puts in the dedication, commitment and sacrifices necessary to play the game at its highest level, keeps her grades up, including passing necessary proficiencies, the Vegas Bulldog program and its staff will do all that we can, using our connections, to get your child to the next level.