Race Results for 7 August 2005

Race Results for 31 July 2005

Canada Day Race Sunday July 3!

Mini Stock Standings & Lineup 26Jun2005
***The steady and consistent driving of Allan Comerford in Car 7 Wins the Canada Day Race.
***Drivers will be required to place a Pylon(cone) with a Canadian Flag attached on the hood of their Cars. The car is Black Flagged if the Pylon and Flag falls off.  Winner is the car making the most laps with the Pylon and Flag on the hood.
Defending Media Challenge Champion (2004) Gary Treadwell Coast 101.1 will return to defend his title.  Ken Simmons from the Telegram has also committed to participate.  Rod Stockley will also be in the lineup.  Barb Sweet from the Telegram will go on record as the First Lady to ever participate in a Media Challenge Race. Confirmation to Race has also been received from Scott Courage.
All members of the Media are invited to participate in the Media Challenge Race. Your Press Passes will be available at the Gate.  

Monkey Heads take Street Stock Main!

School's out for the Summer June 26!

Featuring Stock Car racing in all four divisions...plus the first School Bus Race of 2005.  Professional School Bus/Tow Truck driver John Denine will take on 2004 Super Stock Track Champion Dean Martin!  Kids Ride the Bus plus all Kids under 12 will be Admitted  to the Speedway FREE!  Anyone interested in "Racing a School Bus" please phone 229-4583 or Email. If you have an un-licenced bus we will arrange to have it towed to the Track and if you don't wish to drive we will arrange a driver.  See you this Sunday!
Ross Thorne slipped under the inside of Cyril Robsin Jr. on the Last Lap in turn 4 and wins by inches at the finish line!  Photo by "Racing on the Rock" check out his photos go to Links and click on "Racing on the Rock".
July 31 Regular Racing Plus "Meet the Drivers" Autograph Sessions and Sponsor Inroductions.  In addition the day has been designated "Missy Keating Day" .
August 7 Regular racing plus the crowning of Ms Motorsports 2005!

Weekly Racing....News for April and May 2005.

***Racing Action continues on Sunday June 5!  Super Stock 2004 Champion Dean Martin will return, "Blackjack" from Swift Current Saskatchewan is also expected to make his racing debut. Last weeks double winner Ches Cole #61  will start in back of the pack. In order to win he must pass the entire field plus Blackjack and the 2004 Champion Martin.  Thunder Car Champion of 2004 Renee Dowden will make her first appearence of 2005 in a New Car.  More new cars are expected to make an early start in an effort to 'Run for the $2000 Bonus Money'!. 
***The 2005 Season will see ten Races run for points and a mid season break on or about the weekend of Jul 30-31(No Points), after the break we run another 10 Races for points.  During the weekend of the break (Jul 30-31) we are looking at a "Special Event" and need to arrange the bookings and schedule now........please vote in the Poll as we would like to have your input in deciding the nature of this "Special Event"

*** >>>>>>>>Vote Here>>>>>>>>>>
***Victoria Day Weekend saw a record number of Race Cars and an excellent crowd for the first race of the year.  In 11 Races 10 winners energed the only driver with a double win for the day was Ches Cole in the number 61 . Thanks to all those who attended for making it a successful weekend. Click on Race Results for more info.
***If you would like to receive Press Releases, Newsletters and Speedway information "Join our Email List" if you previously joined and have changed you Email address please provide us with your new Email address.  
***Victoria Day weekend ....First Race of 2005 scheduled for Sunday 22 May. Gates open at 11AM, Racing Starts at 2PM.  In the event of a rainout on 22 May we will run on Monday 23 May.
***More drivers continue to Register for the 2005 season....Greg Brown car # 46 becomes the first driver from Clarenville to race at the Speedway.  Tyler Murphy Roaches Line, Dwayne Mugrord from Makinsons and Mathew Moore from Clarkes Beach will race car # 50.  Billy Coady from the home of the now defunt Knights Speedway in Pouch Cove will run number 60.  Blair Rice Car #91 has teamed up with 'Roll Over' king Roger Kennedy 92 both will run Mazda's in 2005. John Dowden formerly Car #106 has changed his number to 96.  Justin McCormick has secured "Island Tatoo" as a sponsor and will race Car #123, Justin is the younger brother of Mark McCormick from  Witless Bay.   
***Test n Tune for 2005 was completed on a wet 'slick track' cause by random rain showers. Comerford Brothers  # 7 Chevy was the fastest V8 and recorded a best lap of 23.32 seconds.  Ray Woodford Jr. in a New Mazda was the fastest  of all the fours with a time of 24.97, he was the only four to break into the 24 second bracket.
***Arron Hillier Car 11 has his car at the Sponsors business this week. Today the Car is at East Coast Power Toys in Blaketown tomorrow he will be at Monty's Esso on the TCH, if your in the area drop by and say hello. Danny Pretty and the boys have done an amazing amout of work on this car over the winter months...Good Luck guys.  
***Harbour Grace driver David Cox Car 56 has an Z22 ready to go in 2005.
***Good Luck to Charles Cornish of  Harbour Grace our ATV and Mini Stocker 156 racer. Charles will be racing his ATV at Riverglade, New Brunswick on May 14. Riverglade Speedway also has their Test N Tune for Stock Cars scheduled for May 15.  
***Any driver requiring a 2 two digit number please let us know.  Please E-mail the webmaster Webmaster@AvondaleSpeedway.com 
***Newcomer Jason Neville from St. John's has registered Car #37 not sure if he will be at Test N Tune.
***Monkey Heads Car 12 have built a fine looking car. As of May 9 it still needs a seat and paint.
***Andrew Clarke car 68 from Hearts Delight will be at Test n Tune trying to work the bugs out of a new Calavier.
***Jamie Eason car 93 will be at Test n Tune on May 15.  Jamie and the crew have been working on the cars handling, they have lowered the cars ride height in an effort to get through the corners faster.  
***Chris Dawe Car 88 has built an all Ford Car over a Linclon Chassis with a 351 Ford Engine and a C6 Ford Trans.
***Ches Cole car 61 continues to work on his car but took time out to attend the Monthly Stock Car meeting.
***Sources tell us that the Walsh Brothers Car 99 have added a new Chassis to their Car.
***Paul Linegar Car 66 has a V8 ready to go but John Bishop car 65 still has work to do on the Dodge.
***Gerald Hicks Car 30 is ready for the new season he has added a New Holly 500 Carb and a light weight Ford Transmission to the 350 Chevy Engine.
***Cal King Photography will be at the Speedway on Sunday May 15 to obtain Driver and Car Photos.
***Welcome to relative newcomer Darryl Phillips from Holyrood has registered Car # 38 for the 2005 season.
***Glen Williams AKA "Shaggy" has Car 165 ready to race and will be at the Speedway for the Test and Tune practice on May 15. Glen recently purchased another 626 Mazda which he will run as Car 85.
***Mini Stock driver Bernie Mason Car 95 has returned from Toronto and reports he is  "ready to race".  
***Arron Hillier and Danny Pretty had some impressive photos of their new car at the Stock Car Meeting on Sunday. 
***The Pettens Brothers from North River have called to say they will be rerturning for the 2005 Season.
***More details of "The Proposal" by A Sponsor yet to be named:--(1)Bonus Money at year end of $2000.00 winner take all plus the "Sponsors Trophy". (2) Open to all four divisions,Thunder, Lightning, Street and Super Stock. (3)After the 15th race of the season the top 5 cars (By points) in each division all receive the same points as the 1st place car plus 100 bonus points. (4) The Overall winner (of the 20 drivers) will be the driver receiving the most points in the next 5 races.       
***Rule Books for 2005 includes the Book as published in 2004 plus the two additional pages of ammendments.  
***V8 drivers who would like to have their engines checked for Compression ratio and Cam lift/duration please call. After the Engines are checked they will be "Sealed" and not required to under go any further inspected for the current year. 
***Who will record the Fastest time on "Test N Tune Day" May 15? Post your vote now!  
***Orbinson Lambert Car#3 from Southport Trinity Bay is to be commended for his organizational efforts with the longest running Annual Soap Box Derby in Newfoundland.
***Terry Walsh Car #36 from Dunville, Placentia Bay has returned from Alberta and is anxious to get back on the Track to test his driving skills.
***Tony Critch becomes the first driver from Cavendish, Trintity Bay to register a Stock Car. Tony will race Car# 27.
***Emily Whalen #8 becomes the first female to win the Southwest Arm Soap Box Derby. She also set the fastest time on the 260ft course of 11.72 sec. for more information and photos see ...  www.leaguelineup.com/southwestarmsoapboxderby  We have extended an invitation to Emily to drop the Green Flag to start the First Race of 2005 on May22. 
***Negotiations are underway with a major sponsor to secure a year end point fund, details to follow.
***Ross Thorne of Car 16 advises that his car is undergoing a complete sheet metal refit.
***Jamie Hennebury ready to return to racing in 2005 with the familiar number 159.
***Orbinson Lambert Car #3 reports that the Southwest Arm Soap Box Derby is set for Sat April 23 at 1PM in Gooseberry Cove.
***Shane Coffen one of the driving forces behind the success of Trinity Bay Racing Car 16 has decided to take up driving duties behind the wheel of Car #55.
***David Hayman formerly of Car #168 will be returning in 2005 with Car #44 he has secured "Auto Parts Network" as a sponsor for 2005. *** Steve Dwyer formerly Car 133 from Carbonear now resides in St. John's and will be returning in Car#43.
***Time to Register numbers for 2005. Any driver who competed in at least one Race in 2004 have the right to keep that number in  2005. All other two digit numbers are available, please check the Drivers and Car #'s list on the Bulletin Board button and let us know the Number you are requesting.
***Trinity Bay appears to be a force in 2005, registrations continue to come in from Trinity Bay with the latest Driver Matthew Turner registering Car 59. Mathew is the son of car builder and Crew Chief Gary Turner of Hearts Delight.
***The 100,000 visitor will receive a free Family Pass see Message Board.
***Two more Stock Cars register from Trinity Bay. Jamie Pike  car #83  and Chris Reid car #57.
***Driver Blackjack formerly from Saskatchewan has a new website at www.leaguelineup.com/BlackjackRacing
***Alita was the 100,000 visitor to the www.AvondaleSpeedway.com website at 11:08  April 13


***June 26 Kids under 12 are addmitted FREE, Regular Racing in four divisions plus School Bus Race.  New cars registered his week 78 Mike Rideout Upper Gullies, 84 Andrew Morrissey Colliers, and 86 Doug White St. John's.  Reported to be returning this week Car 5 Darryl Quinlan St. John's,  Car 7 Comerford Brothers Admirals Beach, and  Car 29 Verge Brothers from Harbour Grace. 
Father's Day! This Sunday, June19th at Avondale Speedway.
First 100 Fathers will receive a Free Cap!  Weatherman is predicting 12C.
The race program will feature Thunder, Lightning, Street and Super Stock.
Ms Motorsports 2003 will make her season debut in the Thunder division.
Additional drivers expected this week include 15 Walter Norman, 43 Corey Norman, 4 Shane Petten, 5 Darryl Quinlan. Newcomers 47 Darrin Burke and 70 Keith Shaw St. John's, 48 Donnie Critch Hearts Delight and 53 Mark Wareham Greens Harbour Trinity Bay, 40 Robert Petten and 71 Sean Porter from CBS, 80 Donald Mercer and Bradley Rose Harbour Grace, 87 Darryl Smith South River, last but not least well known AutoBody Tech 77 Tony Kenny the first Stock Car driver from Conception Harbour. Also expected after a two year hiatus is the Verge family from Harbour Grace.  Late starter 5 Darryl Quinlan is expected to make the lineup.  Car 76 Steve Abbott from Gander advises he will be in Avondale on July3.  Good Luck to all....see you at the races.
***If you would like your photos in the Photo Album please sent via Email. When you edit set the width to 468. You may also post the photos yourself in the "Weekly Racing Forum".
***Monster Trucks will be at the Avondale Speedway on August 13 & 14 2005, this is the first time the Monster Trucks have ever performed a Wide Open Outdoor show in Newfoundland.  Details to follow as the become available!

Weekly Racing....News for Dec 03 and Jan 04

*Snowmobile/ATV Entry Form available Click on "Winter Racing"> Print> Complete> Return via Fax or E-mail.
* Cy Harvey from Nova Scotia (builder of Avondale Speedway V8 Car 5) wins the Legends Stock Car Race at Orlando Speedworld in Florida..see Links maritime motor...
* Kids join the "Junior Fan Club" cheer for your favorite drivers...click on "Kids Corner" button for details....
*Canadians Invade the Daytona Flordia area for The World Series of Stock Car Racing and the Daytona 500. There are no Canadians in the 500 but Hanley continues to lead The World Series...go to Maritime Motorsports and click on Race Tracks Florida.
*Junior Hanley (see Memory Lane) from Nova Scotia shows the competition the fast way around at The World Series of Stock Car Racing in Florida...go to Links> click on Maritime Motorsports.
*Anyone interested in buying or selling a Race car, motor or race parts go to links and click on Race Car 2000 or Racing Junk.
*Former Track Champion from Gander Steve Abbott Car 76 signs the Guestbook and promises to wooop ass... this summer see Guestbook.
*The unresolved V8 issues at the Stock Car Meeting of 8 Feb 2004 to be voted on. Go to Bulletin Board> News/Info> Stock Car Meetings> Opinion Poll> Right Click> Print> Complete> and Return to Avondale Speedway.
*Snowmobile Photos added to Photo Album additional photos on the A-Teams web site special thanks to Sherry.
*On Jan 31 Dave Anthony the track record holder as the fastest man on wheels at Clarenville Dragway, drove his Snowmobile from St.John's to Avondale via the Pole Line. He certainly drove his snowmobile the furthest but will he be the fastest?
*The A-Teams breaks into the Top 100. The team consists of Lenny Griffiths 113, Ike Webb 101 and Patrick McDonald 74. The site was constructed by Sherry Griffiths see Teams/Drivers for details.
*The Snowmobile race scheduled for Feb 1 will now be run on Sun Feb 22 with a Test and Tune session on Sat Feb 21. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Additional time is required to prepare the racing surface and clear the massive amount of snow which has accumulated in the parking lots. During the test and tune session on sat Jan 31 Track conditions did not permit the larger machines to run wide open. We would like to thank all the racers and fans who attended the Test and Tune session on Sat. A special thank-you also goes out to all those who made a donation to the Janeway Children's Hospital. Hope to see everyone on Feb 21-22. The test and tune participant results will be post when available please check back.
*Corey Critch formerly of Badger 95 Polaris 800 Storm, 3 carbs/pipes
*Keith Stone 1999 Polaris XP SP 600, 2 carbs, 1 pipe, no studs.
*Rodney Costigan formerly Hr. Main Now Avondale Pol XC700.
*Hubie Searle 2003 Mach Z 800, 3 carbs, 3 pipes and 144 Studs.
*Dave Yetman the #49 Mini-Stock Car driver will race two Snow Machines the 600 Edge-X and a reported 240 hp Thunder cat Thundercat.
*Barry Whalen #70 from Pouch Cove will race a 2003 BM 800, Whalen is just back from the Marble Mtn Hill Climb...
*See pictures of over 940 Snowmobiles from Nfld and elsewhere go to Winter Racing and click on Maximum Sled.
*Larry Day (Maine) wins World Championships on an Artic Cat. *Jacques Villeneuve outside the Top 10 click on Winter Racing...
*Admission to two days of 'Racing Fun in the Snow' just $5 and a loonie donation to the Janeway Children's Hospital.
*Stock Car driver Randy Parmiter #42 to race his Mach Z Skidoo.
*Sunday Jan 25 Avondale hit by blinding snow storm, at 1:30 PM visibility is less 300 ft . Many drivers have called to say they cannot make the meeting, we must re-schedule as follows.
Stock Car meeting re-scheduled to 2pm Feb8 @ Rumours.
*Registration for 31 Jan/1Feb being accepted by Phone, Fax or E-mail. You may also register at Avondale Speedway 10am Jan 31.
*Chat Room is open 9:00pm tonight (sunday) if you require info.
*Sean Burry #17 from St. John's to race his Yamaha 540 SRV.
*Jamie Lyall # 12 an experienced Snowmobile Drag racer from Goose Bay Labrador will run a 600 ZRT Artic Cat @ Avondale.
*Veteran Snowmobile Racer Darryl Summers 3 to run a new 1000cc four stroke Yamaha more....www.Yamaha-Motor.ca
*A-Team Racers Lenny Griffitts 113 and Patrick Mcdonald 74 to Race Cat Snowmobiles at Avondale on Jan 31 and Feb 1. See Drivers / Teams for more details on their web site...
*Another dirt Track adds Snowmobile Racing see Links Brighton
Speedway for more...
*Snowmobile Classes at Avondale Speedway:--Stock, Improved, Pro, Open Modified. There will be a further sub-division base on Engine Size, Carbs, Exhaust, Weight, and Studs. The Engine sizes permitted are;- 250, 340, 440, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 1000. Please register early and provide the above information. ISR Rules Apply. For more information click on Winter Racing.
*Manager Mike of CCS Racing58 registers a 440 Artic Cat Jag under the number 58. See Message board for more....
*Snowmobile Racer Richard Labonte to race his Artic Cat ProXR he will run under the number 5 made famous by Terry Labonte.
*Stock Car Driver Ches Cole to race his Polaris 800 Snowmobile sporting his familiar number 61.
*Click on Winter Racing to Visit racers at Maritime Snowmobile Racing see Msrf.ca
*For the Latest Snowmobile Racing Technical Information... See Winter Racing.
*Aaron Hillier from Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay to race at Avondale Speedway with the number 11....see Message Board.
*Jamie Eason to Race his number 93 Polaris at Avondale. The number 93 is familiar to a lot of Stock Car fans...seeDrivers/Teams.
*Racers reserve your number for Snowmobile Racing on Jan31/Feb1. E-mail Webmaster@AvondaleSpeedway.com, Fax 709-229-6607 or Phone 709-229-4583.(Call to reserve your #)
*Carson Mailmen from Northern Nfld to travel 500 miles to race at Avondale Speedway see Message Board for details.
*Jason King to race his Artic Cat at Avondale Speedway Jan31/Feb1 details to follow.
*Jacques Villeneuve tenth fastests on Eagle River Ice Oval in preperation for Worlds Championships...Click on Winter Racing.
*Avondale Speedway signs agreement with the top Canadian Motorsports publication Inside Track News. Drivers and Sponsors to receive coverage and exposure...see more Click on Links.
*Weekly Racing Update of Snowmobile Racing at Avondale Speedway... see Buy & Sell...on news stands Friday Jan 16.
*Large turnout at monthly meeting, express interest in V8 rule revisions for new 2004 Stock Car Rule Book.
*First Winter Racing date set Jan 31 Sno Race, Snowmobile Racing Rules Released, Enteries are now being accepted. Please indicate Drags, Sno-Cross, Oval Sprint, and Engine Size.
*Race Chat time set for every sunday night at 9:00pm. Sign on and get the latest news.
*Team Dowden wins $200 in Xmas Parade see the Photo click on Drivers Teams Button Mini Stock 222.
*We have added the Racing on TV button so that you'll never miss another Race.
*Drivers/Teams moved from Links to the Drivers Teams buttom, any driver or teams needing help to set-up free web site E-Mail us.
*Kids Corner now has Race related Arcade Quality games added. You may drive a Car, Go Kart or even a Snowmobile.
*Avondale Speedway web site adds three new buttons, Racing on TV, Kids Corner and Drivers/Teams. Check back as new items will be added daily.
*Racing Tips on Tuning, Tracks, Driving, Car Setups, Corner Weights Plus more....go to Links and click on Rubin's Racing Wrecking Ain't.
*Santa Clause delivers Computer to family of Fast Lady...see Message Board .
*Please vote in our new online poll..."How often do you...." see lower right hand side of this page.
*Ches Cole the 2002 LMS Champion is rebuilding Car 61 in an attempt to take back the title he lost to Robson in 2003 see the "Message Board" Rumour Mill for details.....
*Frank Fraser former Stock Car driver(see Memory Lane), Onslow Speedway track operator, Chassis Builder, has been appointed Race Director at Center for Speed in Shediac New Brunswick... best o'luck Frank from your friends in Newfoundland. For details go to Links and click on Maritime Motorsports.com or Centre for Speed website.....
*Blaine Peach registeres Mini Stock number 163 for 2004 season, blaine is the latest driver to join the ever growing Mini Stock ranks
*Message Board has been revised and updated. Many of the entries previously placed in the Guestbook may now be placed on the Message Board. Items that 'we' had to post on the Bulletin Board 'you' may now post on the Message Board.(previously called Forum and Race Feedback, now moved to top LHS under Home))
*We had many request to add new games to "Fun and Games". Now 17 new games have been added, let us know what you think.
*Congrats to Team Denine for taking the 1st place float award in the "Gould's Christmas Parade"
*Congrats to Team Dowden for placing second in "Witless Bay Santa Clause Parade"
*If you have entered you race car in a Santa Clause Parade send us a picture for the web site.
*More pictures are now being added to the '' Photo Album ".
*Mini and Super stock cars in the Photo Album are now being arranged by car number from left to right and top to bottom. If your car is missing pls E-Mail us a photo.
*www.AvondaleSpeedway.com would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and many checkered flags in the New Year.

Weekly Racing....News for Feb 2004.

***Dean Martin Car 2 has a new web site address, click on Drivers/Teams RdRacing for details.
***Mike the Manager of Ccsracing58 called to say that "Car 58 and crew intend to race in 2004" despite rumours to the contrary.
***Larry Day sweeps Valcourt on a Cat, Jacques Villeneuve takes 2nd ...See Winter Racing Message Board.
***If you have a question for the Flagman you may post it on the Message Board...
***Avondale Speedway releases four (4) sunday dates for Snowmobile Racing in 2004....for additional info click on Winter Racing.
***Snowmobile/ATV Racers may Register early by clicking on Winter Racing>print Entry Form>Fax or E-mail.
***The weekly news items previously on this page crashed when we uploaded the above Poster. The people who host the site have now corrected the problem, many Thanks!

Weekly Racing....News for March2004.

>>>Atlantic Canada is devestated by the tragic loss of Canada's Star Stock Car driver Scott Fraser 33. Scott was killed in a snowmobile accident early Saturday morning on March 20. Our condolences to his father Frank and Family....click here for details at www.maritimemotorsports.com
>>>Snowmobile Racing scheduled for March 21 is Re-scheduled to Sunday April 4. We apologize for any inconvience this may cause, but because of the rain forcasted for Sunday we are left no choice.
>>>Snowmobile Racers interested in racing on March 21 are rerquested to Fax, E-Mail or Phone and let us know that you intend to race.
>>>Four Canadians have won the Oxford 250. Don Biderman (Ont) in 1977, Derek Lynch (Ont)in 1996, Junior Hanley (Nova Scotia) has won twice and Dave Whitlock (Ontario) of CASCAR fame has won once. In the past drivers such as Richard Petty, Bobby Allison, Dale Earnhart, Harry Gant, Kevin Lepage, Ricky Craven, The Bodine's and others have tried to win this race. Dave Whitlock who some say is the best Stock Car driver in Canada is on record as having won the most money in the history of the Oxford 250.
>>> On the 18 of July 2004 there is a possibility that a driver from Newfoundland may race in the Oxford 250 against the best in USA and Canada....more details as they become available.
>>>Terry Walsh from Placentia NFLD advises that he has an Eight cylinder Dodge Mirada built and ready to race on opening day at Avondale Speedway. The V8 will run number 63, Walsh says he will continue to run the number 36 Mini Stock.
>>>Nascar reigning champion Matt Kenseth will compete in the Oxford Plains 250 on July18. The 3/8 mile Oval is located in the state of Maine approx 8 hours drive from Halifax...click on Kenseth for more info...
>>> www.AvondaleSpeedway.com has received over 500 visitors today.
>>>Thanks for visiting please complete the latest Poll let us know how we can improve the site.
>>>Snowmobile Racing this week at Tim Wile's "Centre for Speed oval track" in Shediac N.B. Entries received from Sydney, Halifax, PEI and New Brunswick...see Links at MaritimeMotorsports.
>>>"Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame" to be established in New Brunswick...details at Links see MaritimeMotorsports.com
>>>Snowmobile Racing scheduled for March 7, has been postponed to March 21. Due to the weather forecast for the remainder of the week, a decision has been made to postpone the races until March 21. We apologize for any inconvenience to spectators and competitors. Your assistance in passing this on to other snowmobile enthusiasts would be appreciated.
>>>Snowmobile Races Mar 7 Reminder. If conditions arise which prevent us from running the event will be re-scheduled to Mar 21. Before leaving for the speedway on Mar 7 check the web site or phone 229-4583.
>>>The Regular monthly Stock Car meeting for March will take place 2pm Mar 14 at Rumours. Please E-mail any Agenda items.
>>>Stock Car Rules for 2004 are 95% complete and on the Rules Button some minor additions not involving building properties may be added when received and tabulated. Any driver who have not returned an opinion poll are requested to do so immediately.
>>>Former NASCAR driver and Newfoundlander drown when trawler sinks off Vancouver. The driver finished 10th at Daytona in 82 the Newfoundlander was from Portugal Cove and was to return home.....for details www.Newsday.com/sports/motorracing
>>>Dean Martin(2) the Driver with the highest racing average at Avondale Speedway in 2003 is building a completly New Car see photos on his web site go to ......Teams/Drivers
>>>All Snowmobile Racers interested in racing on March 7 please Phone, Fax, E-mail, list in Message Board or Guestbook your Name, Phone and Engine size.
>>>Snowmobile Racing on March 7 will consist of two lane 1/8mile (660ft) Drags.

Weekly Racing....News for April

>>>National Volunteer Week ...Special thanks to the many volunteers who gave their time an energy to make Avondale Speedway "a better place to race".
>>>Aaron Hiller's new car on display in Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay.
>>>Wayne Earle visited the Speedway Monday April 12. The Earle Brothers (Goulds) have installed a Wide Track Impala front clip in the #32 V8 Stock Car.
>>>Comerford Brothers St. Marys Bay car #7 are installing a new header panel and doing chassis alignment otherwise the're Ready 2 Race
>>>Bishop's Racer Gus Brown has a Stock Car For Sale ....see Message Board.
>>>Manager Mike reports that the Defending Champions Car 58 are continuing to work on "Intimidator" over 200 pounds removed.
>>>Aaron Hillier of Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay has his new Stock Car car ready for the lettering...Also Sponsor wanted.....see Message Board.
>>>Avondale Speedway exchanges links with Inside Canadian Racing ......see Links
>>>Conception Bay South driver Car 30 Gerald Hicks switching to Dodge Power in 2004....more Message Board
>>>Hello to friend and Distance Traveler David Killough from the home of Southern Stock Car Racing.....Montgomery, Alabama ...see Guest book.
>>>Sources reveal that Tommy leads the Race to re-marry Canadian Queen Pam.
>>>Dean Martin
visited the Speedway on Wednesday and advises that he is adding the body to his new car. The #2 car he raced in 2003 will be used as a backup car in 2004.
>>>Explosion successful...large rock in the center of the pits reduced to rubble with 24 sticks of dynamite. Track surface is now bare with the mild weather and rain. Work is continuing in preparation for a May 23 opening.
>>>Orbison Lambert from Southport, driver or the number 3 car visited the Speedway April 6 and advises he's 'ready to race' now.
>>>Charlie Crowe from Torbay driver of car 20 was absent from the Speedway in 2003 due to work commitments in Grand Falls. Charlie advises he will be 'returning to race' in 2004 with a new car.
>>>Vote for the Canadian "Stock Car Racer of the year" at inside track magazine www.insidetrackpublications.com/readerschoice You may write in a driver (Nflder or other) of your choice but you must vote before April 30.
>>>Welcome New car and driver # 11 Arron Hillier from Trinity Bay. He has his car built and is now ready for the paint.
>>>The Walsh brothers are doing a rebuild on the #99 Dodge, they are also looking for a 360 Dodge block to rebuild as a spare engine for the coming season....see message board.
>>>Work is continuing at the Speedway. The big rock in the Mini Stock pit will be Exploded and removed. Dynamite charges will be set off on Tuesday April 6.
>>>Mini Stock pits will be developed for a new Go Kart Track. The New Mini Stock Pits will be off Turn 3, the area has been clear cut and work is continuing.
>>>Stock Car Meeting originally scheduled for 11 April 2004 is now re-scheduled to 18 April, Please E-mail any agenda items.
>>>Snowmobile Racing scheduled for April 4 has been canceled due to deteriorating snow conditions and rain forecast for Sunday afternoon.
>>>Avondale Speedway set to open Sunday May 23, rain date Monday May 24...it won't be long now!
>>>Congrats to Jack Derry of www.RockfordSpeedway.com for being selected by RPM as the best race track web site in the USA.
>>>Happy to report that the Message Board problems have been corrected. Please lets us know if you now experience any problems viewing accessing or posting on the Message Board.
>>>Rod Ryan returning to Stock Car racing with # 18 Chevy Caprice, chassis shortened to 108, engine, trans, and 9 inch Ford installed. see Message Board.
>>>Rookie of 2003 Ross Thorne doing a complete rebuild on the yellow # 16. He's looking for a light weight 9 inch Ford see Message Board.

Weekly Racing....News for May 2004.

>>>Received E-mail fromTrace Ledrew "Weather is awfull, we decided to call it off today. Looking forward to a better day next week".Photo of Car 76 is attached.
>>>AVONDALE Weather at 10AM Sunday:--Temperature is 8C and rising, Sunny periods occuring, Roads are dry and driving conditions are good. Vocm are calling showers, the Weather Channel is saying NO Rain, the Weather Radar indicates NO rain east of Gander. We agree with the latter two and the Stock Car Racing will proceed as Schedule for 2PM, Gates open at 11AM.
>>>Trace LeDrew the Insurance Man of Gander NL and the main Sponsor on the Professionally prepared Car 76 advises that the Car will be at Avondale Speedway on Sunday May 30. Former Track Champion Steve Abbott will be at the wheel. Steve won the last race of 2003 and Dean Martin won the first race of 2004. Race fans should be treated to some exciting racing when these two heavyweights meet up on Sunday May 30 in equally prepared Stock Cars.
>>>Carbonear race fans will have its First Stock Car to cheer for. Steven Dwyer of Carboner NL has registered the number 133 and he is hoping to make his first
appearance on May 30.
>>>Terry Walsh in Car 36 of Dunville has changed his name and from now on will be reffered to as "Big Rock" as dedication to his sponsoring Lounge in Dunville "the road begins here".
>>>Avondale Speedway opened the 2004 Season under sunny skies, record crowd and a good car count for the first race of the season. Jimmy Steveson of Pouch Cove took the opening race of the year in the Thunder Class, Brad Walsh of Holyrood placed second.The second race of the day saw Randy Parmitier of the Goulds get out to a quick start he was followed accross the line by Griffitts of Mount Pearl and John Bishop of Flatrock in the 76 car. The third race of the day saw Dean Martin in the newly constructed number 2 come from the back of the pack to take the win. He was followed accross the line by the "Flamin Baymen" and the 2002 Track Champion Ches Cole in car 61. The fourth race of the day saw Gary Hennessey Jr.of Shea Heights in the Dodge emerge victorious. Newcommer Ed Snow of Mount Pearl in the 108 led the 2003 defending champion Todd Hennessey #24 to the line in the fifth race of the day. The number 99 of the "Flamin Baymen' got revenge in the sixth race as the led the number 2 of Martin to the checkers in a close race....more.
>>>The Track is in great shape and everthing is a go for Sunday May 23 at 2 PM, the weather outlook is also good!
>>>CHVO 560 AM Radio will run ads Saturday morning at 9:35AM, 10:46AM and 11:45AM. Free Speedway Passes and random ads will run througout the week
>>>Jamie Eason #93 has released photos of his impressive new V8 for 2004. Click here for more info www.leaguelineup.com/jjr
>>>Large turnout for Stock Car Meeting on May 16, RuleBooks, Inside Track, and Posters were distributed. St John Ambulance members were on hand to explain their role at Avondale Speedway and what they expect of competing drivers.
>>>Reminder that the last Stock Car Meeting before racing starts on May 23 will be held at Rumours in Avondale on Sunday May 16 at 2pm. Rule Books, Posters and the Inside Track Magazine will be distributed at this time.
>>>2003 Track Champion Cyril Robson Jr's new stock car for 2004 will be on display at the "Newfoundland Antique and Classic Car Show" at the St. John's Curling Club Sat and Sun May 15 -16. Photo's not available yet but we have been told the car is painted Ford blue.
>>>Kurt Busch has joined Matt Kenseth as the second Nascar driver to enter the Oxford 250 at Oxford Maine on the 18 of July 2004. Avondale Speedway will provide a Pro Stock Race Car and pay the Entry fee of any Newfoundland driver willing to make the trip to Maine. If you are interested in this undertaking please let us know.
>>>Discussions are on going with ASCAR (Atlantic Stock Class Auto Racing)which will see some NFLD drivers and their cars travel to Island Speedway in Sydney Nova Scotia on the 4th of July 2004 for a Tour race. The ASCAR Tour would then visit NFLD on the same dates in 2005. If you are interested in this undertaking please let us know.
>>>St. John Ambulance members will be at the Stock Car meeting on May 16 to do a presentation and answer any question.
>>>If you are interested in any of the following positions at Avondale Speedway please contact us by phone or E-mail :-Marketing Person, Teck Inspector, Announcer, Race Report Writer, Security, Firemen.
>>>Stock Car Racing Resumes at Avondale Speedway on Sunday May 23 at 2pm.
>>>Stock Car Meeting originally scheduled for May 9 has been re-scheduled to May 16 due to Mothers Day conflict.
>>>Any driver interested in entering their car in the Car Show at the St. John's Curling May 15-16 please lets us know ASAP. We have one spot available and it would help to promote Stock Car Racing. The Speedway will cover the entry fee and make free passes available for distribution.
>>>Inside Track May edition has arrived and will be distributed at the May 16 Stock Car Meeting. Rule Books will also be available to those drivers who have not received same. Please E-mail any items you want on the agenda.
>>>Pouch Cove, the home of "Knight's Speedway" and Stock Car racing hot spot in the 70's has yet another driver registered. Jimmy Stevenson has registered car #119, he said he'll be ready to run on May 23.
>>>Concepion Bay South has added another driver to a long list of drivers. Nick Evans has registered Car# 129 and will be trying to return the "Rookie of the Year" award to CBS for another year.
>>>Advertising for Avondale Speedway will start on May 15 at 9 am on CHVO AM 560. Free passes will be distributed and ads will continue throughout the

Weekly Racing....News for June2004

>>>Avondale 12:00 Noon Racing today sunday June 27. Roads are dry weather outlook good. There has not been any rain in the past 3 hours, despite reports of rain in Trinity Bay, Conception Bay North and Torbay.
>>>Walsh Brother's lead the point standings by one point...but Martin leads in the money won department. >>>Renee Dowden is on the front cover of The Express. The story is by Don Power and extremely comprehensive and well written try and get a copy. >>>Patrick Okeefe registers 999 the second Stock Car out of Carbonear. First Stock Car from Cupids registerd to D J Morgan, he has number 146 and hopes to be at the track this Sunday.
>>>If you would like to register a car number please give us a call. Numbers are now being assigned to the driver irregardless whether it's an 8 or a 4.
>>>If you want to become a V8 driver at a resonable price now is your chance. Bob Hutchings has his car for sale....see Message Board.
>>>Thank you to Ken Simmons of "Canadian Classics & Performance" magazine for his article on Avondale Speedway in the March 2004 Issue.
>>>Walsh Brothers tie Dean Martin's record at two consecutive feature wins. One more win by Martin or Walsh will see Bounty Money up for grabs. The cars of Martin and Walsh are evenly matched as evident by the one point seperating them in the Standings.
>>>Dean Martin goes undefeated in the first two races at Avondale Speedway in 2004. On June 6 he will face two and possibly three former track champions who will be attempting to break the winning streak.>>>Track Champion in 2002 Ches Cole lost an engine last week but he has a new engine installed and is ready to run on Sunday.>>>Donnie Comerford the Crew Chief on Car 7 has been working long hours after losing an engine May 23. The new engine is installed tested and ready to go June 6. Driving duties are shared by brothers Allan and Derrick.>>>Wayne Walsh in the 99 Dodge despite leading the most laps on May 30 had to settle for second place when he was passed by Martin in the dying laps of Sundays Feature Race. Jamie Eason Car 93 is expected back on Sunday, his new car doesn't lack power but on Sunday he appeared to be fighting a loose condition. Gerald Hicks in Car 30 ran Dodge power last week but we have learned that he is now going back to the Chevy Motor.
>>>Mini Stock Action continues Sunday with the two previous Feature weekly winners returning. Points leader Randy Parmiter Car 42 and Lenny Griffiths car 113 will meet in the Feature event. Rendall Upshall #112 trails Parmiter by 2 points and is expected to give these guys a run for the money. Jimmy Steveson from Pouch Cove is just 3 points behind the leader and has been very strong in 2004. Gary Hennessey will be back he has the highest average in 2004 but he missed last weeks race as he attended the Barrie Car Show. Defending Mini Stock Champion Todd Hennessey #24 should have his new car ready for this week. Six new cars are expected this week including rookie Steven Dwyer driving the first Stock Car ever to come out of the Town of Carbonear.This weekend Chris Aspell from Cape Broyle will also make his first appearance in the number 126 Car.
>>>"Bounty Money" awarded to any driver able to defeat the driver winning three consecutive races. Dean Martin in the New Car 2 has won the Feature (A Main) two weeks in a row, can he make it three in a row? If he does $50.00 extra cash will be added each week until such time as a new feature winner is declared. If it takes 5 weeks to beat Martin $250.00 will be added to the first place money of $200 for a total payout of $450.00 to the WINNER. In order to collect the "Bounty Money" Martin must be running at the end of the Feature (A Main) race, the deal is off if he is "Taken Out".
>>>"Bounty Money" will also apply to the Mini Stocks. After the third Feature win(A Main) $25.00 will be added each week to the first place Money. If it takes 5 weeks to defeat the winner $125.00 will be added to the first place money of $80 for a total Payout of $205.00 to the WINNER. In order to collect the "Bounty Money" the Champion must be running at the end of the Feature(A Main), the deal is off if the Champion is "Taken Out".
>>>Trace Ledrew of Car 76 from Gander E-mails to report "We will be at Avondale Speedway Sunday June 6 rain or shine" The driver is Gander resident and former Exploits Valley Track Champion Steve Abbott.

Weekly Racing....News for August2004

The New and improve Guestbook and Message Board is Now Open !
The balance of the V8 Main Feature Race will be completed on 22 August.
New cars registered 161 David Chafe Kilbride. 167 Jeff Brewer Ferndale Placentia Bay, 162 Ryan Spencer Holyrood, 173 Robbie Morrell Witless Bay, 165 Glen Williams Witless Bay, 164 Curtis Morgan Cupids CBN. 168 David Hayman Goulds. 169 Llewellyn Fowler Chamberlains. 170 Scott Gregory Freshwater Placentia Bay. 171 Shawn Cromwell Long Pond. 158 Robert Morrell Kilbride. Some two digit numbers are now available lets us know via E-mail if you want to change your number. Capacity Crowd witnesses Ross Thorne the Rookie in 2003 Win the A Main. Samantha Ardern from Conception Bay South Wins the Ms Motorsports contest. Mark Best car 41 of the Goulds takes Mini Stock A main in a "First time on the Track Car". Dave Nolan Car 21 wins the Street Stock B Main. Todd Hennessey takes B Main but forfeits cash and points for a shot at the Mini Stock A Main. We apologize to the Race Fans who were unable to obtain a seat on Sunday. More seating will be installed for this coming Sunday 5 September. We have acquired more red high back plastic seats from the former Memorial Stadium. One additional bleacher section will be installed on turn four and two bleacher sections will be installed on turn one. You can have the whole seat but if the Action was like last week "you'll only use the edge".

Weekly Racing ....News for September2004

Media Challenge Race Sep 26. Signed up to date:--The Telegram... Ken "Navigator" Simmons. CHVO...Owen Combdon. The Independant... Jeff Ducharme. Coast 101FM...Rod "Rocket" Stockley, Gary "Greasey" Tredwell. Buy n Sell...Greg the Great one. All other Media people interested in participating please Email or phone ASAP. Rain checks for 19 Sep will be honoured at todays race 26 sep. Track is in great shape looking forward to some record times today.

1.Weekly Racing....News for Jan 2005.

***January's greatest single day number of visitors was on Jan 29 when 383 visitors viewed 961 pages.  ***Adam Mercer has a new web site see Drivers or www.car45.tk . ***Next Stock Car meeting Rumours 13 Feb 2005.  ***Witless Bay Warriors New web site launched check it out at www.witlessbaywarriors.funtigo.com .   ***John Whelan Car 49 and Andrew Etheridge Car 157 have Posted some Never seen before photos in Weekly Racing Album.                                        ***Weekly Racing.com>Trackside Trivia>Viewer 25 Correctly Identified Bern Quinlan/Gander as the only Nfld Driver to run 4 Nfld Tracks.See New Trivia Question....Identify the Driver / Builder and win a Free Pass to the First Race of 2005.   ***Welcome new drivers Graham Mercer 45 Bay Roberts and Jack Carriere 33 Swift Current Sasketchawan. See Drivers/Teams.   ***Winter Racing 2005 dates are 27 Feb and 13 March. Racing will proceed if we are able to pre-register at least 20 Drivers/Riders. Registeration open to Snowmobiles, Bikes Trikes Quads and Autos.     ***The following items are on the Agenda for Feb 6 meeting:- Mud Flaps on V8's, Mtly Trophy Race, Mid Season Break, Playoff format as Nascar for Championship, No Stop Rule, Pits by 1 pm or start at rear, Vacuum 18 @ 800 rpm, Registration includes Rulebook Decals and pit passes, Max final rear end ratio stds 5.99 autos 6.56, Panhard Bars, Points for attending meetings, Pls forward items not included.    ***Please Complete our Advertising Poll on the lower right side.Tks       ***Maritimemotorsports.com web site is down till further notice if anyone has any info pls let us know.     ***Trackside Trivia added see "Weekly Racing Forum"...can you identify the Nfld driver?   ***News items for previous months have been placed in "News Archives"       ***Andrew Etheridge Car 157 has the Pontiac repaired and is Ready2Race. Please send Photo for Drivers/Teams.      ***David Atkinson Car 10 from Bay Roberts has a new Web Site at www.Car10.tk check it out and sign his guestbook.      ***The Dodges are coming see Message Board!   ***Would u believe added to Photos.   ***More photos Added to Album you may also post your own photos in Weekly Racing Forum....Album.   ***John Coady is looking for V8 sportsman roling chassis for 2005.(Forum)                      ***Bobby Petten re-building the former Jon Furneaux 1978 Dodge Aspen 440 Drag car.   ***Steve Dwyer Carbonear to run 95 Dodge Neon for the 2005 season.                          ***Ray Woodford Car#82 has launched a new web site with lots of Pic's check it out www.team82.piczo.com ,Rob Dawe Car#52 also has a new site at www.tntracing52.piczo.com  ***Jack Carriere(BlackJack)Car#33 from Swift Current, Sask. visited Avondale Speedway during Xmas Hollidays. He has since returned to Sask to transport his Car and Furniture to Nfld. Blackjack says he'll be ready for the First Race of the season Avondale Speedway on May 22 2005.                                                                                                                                ***Rule Submissions for 2005 may be made at the meeting 13 Feb2005.                           ***Full size photos may now be viewed by clicking next or previous. If you have photos you would like to see on this web site please Email to the Webmaster@AvondaleSpeedway.com. ***Banquet photos received from Cal King are being uploaded to Photo Album...Awards2004 check back.                                                                                                                      ***You may also post your own Photos in the New Message board "Album".          ***Interested in Stock Car Racing Videos or Books click on links.                                 ***More photos have been added...more to come as Cal and time permits.                       ***The Stock Car Racing Season has just Started in Australia and New Zealand click on Links. ***Have you heard any Rumours?... go to Weekly Racing.com>Rumors and let the Fans Know.

1.Weekly Racing....News for Feb Mar 2005