Ricky McGregor Scholarship

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The Ricky McGregor Scholarship is open to Candia children/players in Grades K-8 for recreational league basketball/baseball  on a financial need basis through the CYAA. Parents/guardians should email a brief description of the child/player, along with the reasons for consideration to rickymcgregor@comcast.net Please include the full name of child/player, the full name of parent/guardian along with your address, phone number and email contact information. All information will be kept strictly confidential between the scholarship and one member of the CYAA Board. Children/players who are selected to receive a scholarship will be contacted by The Ricky McGregor Scholarship Fund by email or phone.

The Ricky McGregor Scholarship Fund Inc. was established in memory of our son Ricky, who passed away in May of 2006 while going out to recess. Ricky was an honor student, talented athlete, and a wonderful son, brother, friend, and teammate. Ricky enjoyed many sports including skiing, golf, and participating in basketball and baseball programs through the CYAA. Ricky also loved and exceled in football, and in 2005 as quarterback, helped lead his team to a state championship. The Ricky McGregor Scholarship Fund provides academic and athletic scholarships through the CYAA, NH Pop Warner, and the Deerfield Community School. Ricky was always giving of himself, his scholarship is how we to continue his giving ways with Ricky ALWAYS in our hearts. 

Rick & Sherry McGregor                                                                                                                                                          
The Ricky McGregor Scholarship Fund Inc.