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MYSA Skills Sessions



·      To develop basic fundamental basketball skills that will allow our players to reach their highest basketball goals.

·      To provide all MASSILLON youth with the basic fundamentals of the game which will help create a basketball program grades 1-12.

·      To give youth coaches a full hour of practice time to focus on team building and in game philosophy. “The skills will be taught at skills sessions”


·      We will focus our skill sessions on the following areas: Shooting, Rebounding, Foul Shooting, Passing, Defense & Ball Handling.


Our skills sessions will be tiered on 3 levels. All grade levels will begin at level 1 and we will progress to level 3. We believe in the “Teach, Re-Teach, Master” approach. Some grade levels may not reach level 2 or 3, if they have not mastered the previous level.


All participants are expected to attend skills sessions, this is their second practice for that week. Failure to regularly attend skills sessions may result in player sitting out quarters during games.


**Fundamentals and skills learned from these sessions should be practiced at home, at the park and or the gym. Players will not make huge improvements just by doing these skills once a week, however it will create a foundation for them to succeed at the game of basketball.


**Skill Sessions will be instructed by WHS Varsity Coaches, Staff and Players. They will coordinate with our coaches to form proper drills and skills to work on. Coaches will not complete or create their own drills/skills.Each grade level will have skills night once per week and practice with their team once per week; with the exception of some weeks where schools are closed. (Schedule on practice page of website)


During these skills sessions players may or may not be with their individual coach, all coaches in that league will be working on skills with all players. Players will rotate from multiple stations working on dribbling, shooting, defense and passing. This is designed to make all Massillon participants better at the skills of the game. These skills sessions are required for participants to attend as this is one of two practices that they receive throughout the week.


Skills Schedule located on the practice tab.


These skill nights a designed for all participants to improve their basic fundamental skills. 


Check the practice schedule to view skills development sessions times, locations and dates.


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