Event Descriptions

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Event Descriptions

A brief description of Pack 56's events are described below.



·         Kick-off Event– This is usually held on the 2nd Thursday in September.  This event welcomes new scouts and returning scouts to the Pack as well as gives parents an overview of what the scouting year will bring.  Registration fees are also collected for returning scouts, if payment was not done online.  Den Leaders can use this time to discuss the "plan of action" for the coming year with their den. Class B Tee Shirts will be handed out and a swaps table will be set up. So, if you have uniform items that you don't know what to do with, please bring them along.  Someone will be able to use them.  In addition to the swaps table, we usually have a Mobile Scout Shop at the event for the Pack to purchase uniform items.  Scouts will gather in the Millington School gym for an activity, while parents get an overview of the year in the All Purpose Room. 

          Pack Meeting – regular pack meeting.  Themes vary.



·         Halloween at Hicks Tract – (instead of the regular Pack Meeting).  This is held on the last Saturday evening before Halloween.  There are 2 trails to walk.  Tiger, Wolf and Bear dens decorate the non-spooky side where you can walk through without being sacred.  Webelos dens decorate the spooky side and then scare the walkers as they come through.  Decorations are typically set up on the morning of Spooky Trail and taken down the following morning.  Remember, leave no trace!



·         Pack Meeting – regular pack meeting.  Themes vary.

·         Day Trip Outing/Sleep In – Some day trips we have gone on were Medieval Times and Crystal Caves.  Sleep Ins are also a lot of fun.  This is an overnighter in some very interesting places.  We have slept in The Battleship NJ, the Liberty Science Center, the New Jersey Aquarium, and the Philadelphia Zoo, just to name a few. 



P        Pack Meeting – regular Pack Meeting.  Themes vary.

·         Ice Skating Holiday Pary – We have traditionally rented out the small rink at the Bridgewater Sports Arena for a fun-filled afternoon of ice skating.  This is open to all Scouts and their family members.



·         Pinewood Derby – a highlight of the year and is instead of the regular pack meeting.  Usually the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Boys make their own cars and then race them on derby day.  Prizes are awarded in several categories.

·         Raffle Baskets – Individual dens organize a themed raffle basket ready for the Blue & Gold Ceremony in February.  Each member of the den contributes whether or not they plan on attending.



·         Blue & Gold Dinner – This is an informal dinner where the oldest Cub Scouts (Webelos 2 dens: Arrow of Light) advance up to Boy Scouts.  It is a fun afternoon for the whole family with dinner, music and dancing, games and basket raffles.

·         Adult Social – This is an opportunity for all adults to get together and have a nice night out.  We share this evening with our Boy Scout Troop 56.



·         Pack Meeting – regular Pack Meeting.  Themes vary.

·         Day Trip Outing/Sleep In – (see description from November)



·         Advancement Pack Meeting – boys can advance up to the next rank at any time but usually our pack advances the boys up to the next rank at the April Pack Meeting.  This is the last official pack meeting before the end of the school year.



·         Family Camp-Out at the Elks Lodge, Stirling – A fun event where boys and their families can camp out.  The evening is filled with many games and activities.  Dinner and breakfast are included.



·         Somerset Patriots Color Guard – Pack 56 gets the opportunity to be the color guard for a Patriots Baseball game.



·         Cub Scout Summer Camp - Boys have the opportunity to attend a day camp at the Watchung Reservation in Mountainside.  Camp dates are available from early July to the beginning of August.  Busing is provided from local stops.  A lot of fun activities are offered including BB gun, archery, boating, fishing and many more.  It gives the scouts an opportunity to jump start their achievements for the next year and earn belt loops.