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This past 2017 outdoor
season was great
and was filled with "fantastic" spirits!
As we prepare for our
2018 Track & Field season,
I would like to welcome all our new and returning athletes to the club.
PWC Panthers Track Club is a volunteer group of dedicated parents, which support track and field within an environment that promotes leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship, both on and off the track.  The purpose of this track club is to support, encourage and recognize all youth's athletic achievements, sportsmanship and character; to contribute to the morale and enthusiasm of our athletes and our community.  That's why parental involvement is the key to establishing a tradition of successful support to PWC Panthers Track club.  Throughout the season, we will ask for your help and support mainly during our fundraising activities and community services with other local groups. 
Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce a few things about our program before the 2018 season begins.  One of the many positive aspects of track and field is everyone participates.  Nobody sits on the bench.  We welcome and encourage anyone who is willing to compete in the sport and contribute to our team.  We value attitude and commitment as much as athletic ability.  Each athlete has the capacity to improve and fulfill his or her potential.  Individual improvement and personal accomplishment are two of our primary goals.  Everyone on our team should be able to attain these goals with hard work and a good attitude. 

"The journey to success is just as important as the destination." 
When working with any large group, it is necessary to have policies to help us operate efficiently.  There will be several rules and regulations that we would like to make you aware of through our club bylaws and parent/team handbook that will be available prior to the 2018 season.
In addition, practice attendance is crucial for our success as a track club.  A consistent training routine is important for peak performance and personal safety.  If your athlete is unable to attend practice for any reason, it is important  that the team lead/team mom or coaching staff be made aware of this before practice begins. 
"Communication is important for preventing problems and misunderstandings". 
The track and field meets will be overwhelming and confusing to new members.  Don't worry, we are here to help make this season as smooth as possible.  I encourage you to ask lots of questions, talk to parents that have experienced this for years.  We are a family friendly organization who is always willing to assist.  Continue to check the website for all updates.   
* * * 
PWC Panthers Staff and Coaches  are excited about your son and/or daughter as a part of our team in the 2018 track & field season.  
Thanks for becoming part of our Family!
See you soon....

Yolanda Wallace


"Striding and Striving for Success!!!!