Coaches Clinic: 


Tips for Coaching 3 to 5 year olds


Bunt Defenses


Cut Relays


Pitch Count Chart


Pitching Charts

Pitching Strategies

Pitching Workout Rotation

Pop-Up Priorities

Practice Plan


The following is the link for on the mental conditioning material that Coach Hampt is using at Manchester Valley High School:



Hitting Evaluation before Baseball Rebellion Training (YouTube Video) 


Baseball Rebellion website


The following are some of the Video's that Coach Hampt has mentioned during his Coaches Clinics" 



Should You Finish Your Swing With One Hand or Two?
(Great article with hitting videos from Baseball Rebellion)


Hitting Conversations With Baseball Rebellion
(Great article with hitting videos from Baseball Rebellion)

Some of the Books Coach Hampt has mentioned, "1-Pitch Warrior" can be found at the following website;  There is is discount code to use 1PWGSP to get access to the books, 1PW System, and Lessons in Leadership for $20 off.