Field update for Sunday September 14

All games are playing as scheduled.

All tournament updates for weather or any other information will be done through have your coaches and parents sign text or email notifications.
All league updates will be done through the rainout line 636-875-0840
Refund Information
No games played entry fee less $25 for administration fees
Withdraw from tournament 7 days before the tournament FULL refund.
Withdraw after the schedule has been posted Entry Fee less $100.
The tournament director has the right to modify the schedule and format, if weather or some other unforeseen circumstance disrupts the tournament schedule.
2 pool Single Elimination
One game played 50% Refund
2 games played No Refund
3 pool Single Elimination
One game played $250 Refund
Two games Played $125 Refund
Three games played No Refund
6 Game Friendly
One game played $240 Refund
Two games played $140 Refund
Three games played $75 Refund
Four Games No Refund
League Rainout Policy
For all games not played because of weather there will be a refund of $30.00