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Struggling Wild Cards, embarrassed and humiliated go 2 and out in Palm Spring

November 18, 2006
It was a warm weather in Palm Springs. Kind a felt like a global warning. All the best teams from SCMAF have come down to play in one last hurrah of the year. Many answer the call, few are chosen and one champion from each division will be left standing the victor.

Game 1 -- Wild Cards vs Landmark Construction
Motivated and ready to play, the Wild Cards jumped on the Land Mark squad by scoring on 4 runs to take the lead in the first inning. What look like the Wild Cards were going for their first win in front of a huge crowd, turned out to be a nightmare for this squad. A comedy of errors, a little bit of nervousness and incosnsitent hitting a long with the drinking the night before proved to be costly, for the Wild Cards, as they get crushed 22-4.

Game 1 -- Itz Not v.s Wild Cards
After suffering their first lost, the Wild Cards moved to Demuth Park, in hopes to win their game against Itz Not and go back to Big League Dreams.
With the sun glaring in front of the batter's eyes, both the Wild Cards and Itz Not struggled to launch an offensive attack against each other. This game was pretty much a defensive game. In the first inning, the Wild Cards took a 2-0 lead. However, The lead was only temporarily as Itz Not came back to tie and took the lead 4-2 in the 4th inning. In the fifth inning, the Wild Cards retook the lead 5-4 with a small 2 out rally only to give it back in the bottom of the inning, as Itz Not scored 7 runs on 4 hits 4 walks and 3 WC errors. In the top of the 7th inning, trailing 11-5, the Wild Cards managed a late comeback as they managed to score 3 runs but it wasn't enough for the slumping Wild Cards as they lose 11-8

Dormant Wild Cards erupts and crush West Coast Sluggers

December 11, 2006
After struggling in the month of November, the Wild Cards broke out of their slumber, by scoring 9 runs in the first inning and never looked back, as the Wild Cards win 31-4. Its been over a month that the Wild Cards scored more than 20 runs and the held opposition to less than 5 runs. Disregarding the old lineup, Virgil went With Danny Urquidez's roster adjustments, and everything went right for the Wild Cards, hitting, defense and pitching. With the Wild Cards win, they still remain tied with the hot streaking Peloteros who won their last 4 games.

This Monday's tiebreaker wil decide who will take 2nd place and advance to the City Championship.

Peloteros force tiebreaker with Wild cards.

December 11, 2006
As both teams win both their games respectively. Both teams will be facing each other on Monday night to decide who will take all the marbles....2nd place and the right to go to the city championships. Be there Monday Night 7:40 at Clark field, as the Peloteros and Wild Cards battle for that right!

Wild Cards lose another game and fall to 2nd place

November 30, 2006
After going 2 and out in Palm Springs, the Wild Cards continue to struggle as they not only lost to Dial Construction but their first place spot. The lost pushed back the Wild Cards in to 2nd place and in a tie with hot hitting Peloteros. In the month of November, the 1-4 Wild Cards have struggled with inconsistent hitting and defense. Bunch of no shows and key injuiries from key players, constant errors (physically and mentally) along with pitching have been atrocious. With one game remaining, the Wild Cards must win their last game and still remain tied with Peloteros, in hopes for a tie breaker.

Simi Valley Tourney -- October 21, 2006

Rancho Madera Community Park
1ST GAME vs Wasted Talent 9:45 AM
2ND GAME vs GRSC 11:00 AM

Rancho Santa Susana Community Park
3RD GAME vs Da Pound 1:30 PM
4TH GAME vs No Limit 4:00 PM

Directions to Rancho Madera Community Park
From Oxnard is 101 freeway to the 23 freeway and exit Olsen Rd and turn right. Stay on Olsen Rd to Wood Ranch Parkway and turn right. Go through the light and the park is on the left hand side.

Directions to Rancho Santa Susana Community Park
Take CA-118 E
Take the Tapo Canyon Rd exit
Turn right at Tapo Canyon Rd
Turn left at E Los Angeles Ave

Arrive at 5005 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Wild Cards win first game against Good Fellas

September 28, 2006
Wild Cards win first game of season and first game against Good Fellas

Trying to make it 6 in a row in their mastery over the Wild Cards, the Good Fellas only managed to score only 3 runs in the entire game. Thanks in part of the Wild Cards stingy defense and the super tandem pitching duo of Hector Calderon and Raulo Romero. With WC's defense strong, their offense managed to score 6 runs in the Wild Cards 6-3 victory. Their 1st victory over the Good Fellas was first win out of 6 games they face each other.

Wild Cards go 4-1 but The Hitting Crew wins SCMAF Qualifier title in a Stunning upset.

September 23, 2006
2nd weekend in a row, the Wild Cards have another tournament. This time in Simi Valley. Hot and windy all day on Saturday. With injuries to Joser Sotelo and missing Raul Narez, the Wild Cards take a wild ride to Simi Valley.

Game 1 -- SBF West vs Wild Cards
Mild Cards came back with Hot Salsa recipe to win game 25-12

In first 2 innings SBF West took a 5-0 lead against the WC. However
that didn't last that long. Wild Cards took a few walks and shorten their swings and started hitting. What came out to be a close game in the beginning wound up to be a huge blow out. Every Wild Card player got at least a hit. Quite a few walks and errors in this game. Wild Cards still manage to win 25-12

Game 2 -- The Hitting Crew vs Wild Cards
Wild Cards survive late THC rally and win by one run.

Wild Cards' arch rivals the Hitting Crew had the 2nd game. Wound up to be a see-saw battle. THC took a 10-0 lead in the first. It shortly became 13-4 in the top of the 2nd inning. However, WC came back with a small fury, scoring on a couple of hits and 8 walks, thanks in part of the Santa Ana winds blowing through out the tourney. Which made it a nightmare for pitchers. After scoring a whole bunch of runs, and taking the 23-15 lead going to the 7th inning, it was THC's turn to return the favor, scoring 7 runs with walks and hits. Unfortunately, THC came up a buck shy of tying the game. As the Wild Cards managed to hold the The Hitting Crew by the score of 23-22

Game 3 -- Unks & Nefs vs Wild Cards
Wild Cards play tough and came out the victor versus heavy stacked favorite Unks & Nefs

Featured match-up between these 2 teams. Heavy favorite, Unks & Nefs took the 9-0 lead in the first 2 innings. Back came the Wild Cards with a barrage of hits and walks, in the bottom of the 2nd inning (thanks also in part of the Santa Ana winds) as they scored 10 runs to take a 10-9 lead. By the 4th inning, Wild Cards still had the lead 12-10, however Unks & Nefs scored in 2 runs in the fifth and one in the top of the 6th and recaptured the lead 13-12 for a short bit. In the bottom half of the 6 inning, Joey Ortiz walked and with one out Mike Lara doubled to score Joey home to tie the game 13-13.
Unks & Nefs failed to score on the top of 7th. On to the bottom of the 7 inning....A single by David Loyola which lead to an error set up the walk-off single by Bobby Garcia, to score the game winning run, from 2nd base to win the game. 14-13.

Winning this game gave the Wild Cards a huge confidence and a swagger going on to the playoffs. As for the Unks & Nefs team, losing that game was huge. It destroyed any brash confidence they had, despite 90% of Unks & Nefs squad were Upper E players. Not only they lost but they carried their negative vibes along with their huge alcohol drinking to their playoff game which they were quickly eliminated in the first round by THC 10-9.

Game 4 --- PLAYOFFS -- SBF West vs Wild Cards
Wild Cards royal flushed SBF West out of playoffs

First round of the playoffs, Wild Cards drew SBF West in their first game and blew them out of the water 20-5.

Game 5 --- Championship Game -- The Hitting Crew vs Wild Cards
Undefeated Wild Cards blow 7 run lead and lose title game.

For the 2nd time, Wild Cards & The Hitting Crew face each other in the championship game. Confident, rested and a full squad (minus Anthony Dugas), Wild Cards came out strong on defense and on offense, overwhelming the THC by the score 9-2. It was smooth sailing for the Wild Cards and were on their way to winning their 3rd SCMAF Tourney. Wild Cards pitchers Hector C and Danny U were keeping the THC offense stifled through out the game. However, THC rallied and came back with clutch hits and walks to take a 11-9 lead after trailing 9-2 in the top of the 7th.

Dazed, confused and shocked, while blowing the 7 run lead, the Wild Cards had their last at bat in the bottom half. Danny who pitched in the 7th inning, got the lead off double, as Mark followed with another double to right scoring one run with nobody out. Then Shawn Palmer got an intentional walk making it first and 2nd. Next batter was Joey Ortiz who popped out and moved Mark Huerta to 3rd base. Runners 3rd and 1st with one out and the hot hitting Ray Jurado up and the heart of the lineup coming up. All the Wild Cards had to do was hit a sacrifice fly ball to the outfield and drive the tying run and move the go ahead run to 2nd while the heart of the line-up will have its shot. However that wasn't the case. Ray Jurado, hit hard a ground ball to the 3rd baseman. The 3rd basman, looked Mark Huerta back to 3rd base and threw to first, but Mark Huerta who went back to 3rd decided to chance it and took off to try to score from 3rd base to home. With out a dust smoke or even close play at home, he was nailed out from me to you. Giving the the THC their first SCMAF tourney Qualifier.

Congrats to The Hitting Crew. Clutch hitting and not giving up was the key to winning the Championship game. On the other side, very bad base running during the whole tourney, lack of hitting in the last 2-3 innings of the championship game along with poor management decisions and a little bit of overconfidence were the demise of the Wild Cards in the championship game.

Tourney MVP
David Loyola

SCMAF REC Qualifier - Spring Divisional Champs

July 15, 2006
Wildcards Dominate
WildCards go 5-0 to take tourney title and qualify for Tournament of Champions in Novermber.

Championship Game - Final ScoreWild Cards 17The Hitting Crew 8
Semi Finals Game - Final ScoreWild Cards 19Da Pound 6
Quarter Finals Game - Final ScoreWild Cards 30Second Wind/Silver Bullets 6
Round Robin Game 2- Final ScoreWild Cards 14Team Strokin 8
Round Robin Game 2- Final ScoreWild Cards 13Hitting Crew 7

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Wildcards dominate Spring Classic Divisional 2006 !!

July 15, 2006
What started a quiet, warm Saturday became a hot wild tourney. As the Wild Cards go undefeated (5-0)in the Spring Classic Divisional, by Outscoring the opposition 93-35 and keeping them to less than 8 runs.

Despite a shortage of players and a few no shows before the tourney ever started, the Wild Wild Cards barely had 10 players with a couple more on the way. As they took on a well hitting team, called The Hitting Crew.

Game 1 -- The Hitting Crew vs Wild Cards at Adair field
The Hitting Crew started off hot in the first 3 innings scoring a total of 7 runs. 3 on back to back to back Home Runs in the first inning against Wild Cards pitcher Hector Calderon. After withstanding the THC barrage, Hector and the Wild Cards made adjustments and totally shut down The Hittin Crew. This gave the Wildcards time to mount an offensive attack. Slowly but surely, the Wild Cards slowly creeped up on THC. Scoring on a 2 run HR by manager/player Virgil Tomas in the 2nd inning. In the 3rd inning, Ray Jurado and company scored 3 run on four singles. The fourth, Wild Cards tied the game with Ray Jurado's hustling 2 rbi double and with 2 outs later, broke the tie with Anthony Dugas 2 run single. Finally in the 6th, the WC broke it open and scored four more runs. What looked like an easy victory for The Hitting Crew, turned out that the Wild Cards overcame a 5 run deficit and pulled out an upset over THC. Wild Cards win 13-7

Game 2 -- Team Strokin vs Wildcards at Adair field
A re-match between these 2 teams. Add that with a Team Strokin bat controversy.... and it was pretty much like the first game, Team Strokin from Bakersfield took a 5-0 lead in the 2nd inning. Not after WC came back with 4 runs, thanks to an Team Strokin error, 2 singles by Francis Unsom, newly acquired Ronnel Nunnery and a 2-run HR by Mark Covarrubias. Made it 5-4. What could have been a big inning for Team Strokin in the 3rd, wound up with only 2 runs, thanks in part of using an illegal bat (Easton Synergy CNT plus)

Trailing 8-6 in the bottom of the 6th and on the verge of losing their 1st game, Francis Unson drew a lead off walk and then got a free ride on a Virgil Tomas 2 run HR. After that hook slide (similar to Ray Jurado) Home Run by Virg, the Wild Cards 6 more runs to win the game 14-8.Good defense, key hitting and smart intelligence helped the Wild Cards win.

Game 3 -- Second Wind (AKA Silver Bullets) vs Wild Cards at Adair field
Easy win for Second Wind? Wrong....Wild Cards pulled out a 30-6 mercy rule over the defending champs. Bats are alive and kicking ass!! Great pitching.

Game 4 -- Da Pound vs Wild Cards at Adair field
Figuring the Wild Cards were too hot scoring a lot of runs, Da Pound made them wait in order for them to cool off. Instead, it gave the Wild Cards time to rest and Da Pound gets pounded by hard hitting Wild Cards. WC beat them so hard, after Virgil Tomas rbi double, Da Pound said NO MAS! NO MAS!

Though It would have been nice for Da Pound to tell WC Joser Sotelo that they quit. He was still getting ready to hit. :)It was funny moment and great feeling because the Wild Cards advance to the Championship Game VS The Hitting Crew.

Game 5 -- Wild Cards vs The Hitting Crew at Adair field
Unlike the first game, Wild Cards took a commanding lead 4-0. Starting with a lead off walk by Ray Jurado, another walk by Raul Narez and singles by Shawn Palmer and Virgil Tomas and a sac rbi by Joser Sotelo, The Wild Cards never relinquished the lead. After that, the WildCards just toyed with the Hitting Crew, with their own barrage of walks, singles, doubles and HR's. Unable to stop the Wild Card's hi powered hitting attack, The Hitting Crew struggled on offense as the stingy Wild Card defense stopped them cold in their track. Total domination over the competition, considering the Wild Cards were not favored to win it all. A well focused team that qualified for the Tournament of Champions in November. Congrats to the Wild Cards! Great Job!


Wildcards had no Ace in their sleeves

May 6, 2006
They go 1-2 and were eliminated out of the Cinco De Mayo tourney

After a grueling back to back league tiebreaking games against WaterWay Plastics and Camacho's for the league championship, Wildcards
drew their first early game against 805 Connection at 8AM. Tired and weary and with only day off from softball, they
manage to only score 2 runs in their humilating 16-2 loss.

The Wildcards dropped down to the losers bracket and took on Team Strokin from Bakersfield. It wound up being a really good game. Both taking the lead and blowing the lead. Back and forth it went. Wildcards had a 7 run lead, but blew it in the 6th inning due defensive errors. Almost lost it in the bottom of the 7th inning. Team Strokin had runner at 3rd and 1st base with nobody out. But Wildcards pitcher Hector Calderon managed to get the 5th & 6th hitters to pop out. With a decision to intentional walk Team Strokin's hot hitting manager, Wildcards faced a slumping Team Strokin hitter and managed to escaped with an easy ground out to second base, leaving the bases loaded. Thanks to Calderon and the Wildcards' suspect defense, On they went to extra innings and did it go extra innings, in fact 10 innings, until Mike Lara broke it up with a game winning rbi double. Wildcards win 10-9 advancing to the next round.

For the 2nd day in a row Wildcards play another 8 am game. This time against CG Funding. Like the Team Strokin game on Saturday, it wound up back and forth again. Twice the Wildcards had the lead, but couldn't hold it due to errors and lack of offense. With their defensive meltdown, the Widlcards were eliminated 14-13 in 8 innings.

WildCards name Anthony Dugas, Spring 2006 Wildcards League Team MVP

May 4, 2006
Anthony Dugas

Wildcards Take League Title

May 4, 2006
Wildcards win back to back tie breaker games to take league title-- Thursday

WildCards vs Waterway Plastics
Started off slow and sluggish, Wildcards received a barrage of hits and runs from Waterway Plastics, taking a 5-run lead early in the game.Bewildered and shellshocked, Hector Calderon's strong pitching and the hipowered offense got off the mat and began pounding away against WaterWay Plastics' lead. Finally in the 6th and 7th, WC broke it open and winning the game 13-7. Superb pitching and teamwork helped win this game.

WildCards vs Camachos
Pretty much like the first game. Camachos took a commanding lead. This time the Wildcards pitching and defense came alive as well their offense. Hector Calderon had 3 strike outs in that game and forced the hard hitting Camacho's to either ground out or fly out. That gave Anthony Dugas, Aaron Ayala and Mike Lara and the rest of the Wildcards to regroup and retake the lead for good as they win their 2nd league title by soundly defeating Camachos 16-12.

Congrats to Wildcards! League Champs

League News --- Wildcards force 3 way tie

April 27, 2006
Triple Threat Playoff-- Thursday (May 4th, 2006)

Behind the strong pitching of Hector Calderon, the Team's MVP Anthony Dugas and company, the Wildcards seem to be the favorites to win it all. They have the High powered offense, the strong defense and the great pitching to stop the best teams in the league, right in their tracks. Camacho's and Waterway Plastics will have their work cut out for them, on May 4th's Triple threat playoff.

Since winning the SCMAF Qualifier on April 15th, the Wildcards have been in a roll scoring 13 runs or more and keeping the opposition to 5 runs or less, winning the last 5 straight games of the Thursday night league season. By soundly defeating, Camachos 17-4, the Wildcards forced a 3-way tie with WaterWay Plastics and Camachos. The tie breaker, will be next Thursday May 4th. Winner takes league title.

2006 Oxnard SCMAF Qualifier -- Most Valuable Player

April 15, 2006
2006 Oxnard SCMAF Qualifier -- Most Valuable Player
Virgil Tomas brings home the Tourney MVP Jacket

SCMAF Tourney MVP, Virgil Tomas and the Wildcards destroyed the competition in the Semi Finals and the Championship game by the combine score of 51-15.

Virgil Tomas - Tourney Stats
10 Hits for 16 AB Avg. .625
3 HR 14 Rbi
2B 3B 2 Walks 8 RS
Slg.% 1.375

Wild Weekend for The Wildcards

April 15, 2006
WildCards Win SCMAF Qualifier
Virgil Tomas takes the Tourney MVP Jacket

Championship Game - Final ScoreWild Cards 22New Life 11
Semi Finals Game - Final ScoreWild Cards 29GRSC 4
Kicking off the the SCMAF Rec Qualifier softball tourney in Oxnard. There were 8 teams who entered, 3 teams (Waterway Plastics, GRSC, New Life) favored to win it all, but neither one of them qualified for the big points.

The team that pulled out aces out of their sleeves, were the Wild Cards who not only took the title, but qualified. In their first game, the Wildcards first opponent was Just 4 Fun. With a barraged of hits, homers and triples, led by Virgil, Francis, Anthony, Raul and company, the Wildcards took a big lead in the first 2-3 innings. However they weren’t able to overcome their defensive meltdown as they lose to Just 4 Fun 14-9. With one loss already, the Wildcards had to step it up, against their next opponent… The number one ranked team, 2005 Fall City Champs, 2 time Rec league champs, Waterway Plastics. Like the first game, Wildcards scored a fury of runs against Waterway and soundly giving Waterway Plastics an upset.

Having a 1-1 record, WC took the 3rd seed due to runs allowed. A team called Hex took on the Wildcards. Slow sluggish ending but WC managed to hold on to advance to the Semi-finals. As the road to the championship, gets harder, Wildcards took on the challenge as they face the #6 Ranked (2005), #4 Ranked (2004) and 3 time Simi Valley Rec league champs. What should have been a close game, turn out to be a huge blow out, as the WC team scored a tourney team high (possibly a SCMAF tourney Record) 29 runs. No match here as the WildCards’ superior offensive lineup and a strong pitching by Hector Calderon advance to the finals by soundly defeating GRSC 29-4. On to the championship game…..

With a lot of momentum, the WildCards took their offensive fire power (minus Mike Lara) to the championship game, vs New Life. From the first inning on, the WC squad just jump on New Life and never relinquished the lead. Wildcards win the title, by crushing New Life from Ventura, 22-11.

Props and Congrats to the WildCards. Great hitting by Virgil Tomas, Mike Lara, Anthony Dugas, Francis Unsom, Raul Narez and the rest of the hitting machine, Mark Covarrubias, Hector Calderon, Ray Jurado, Aaron and Paul Ayala and last, but not least Joey Ortiz. Props to Hector Calderon, great pitching in the semi finals and the championship games.

Awesome job.