Jr. Wolves Football

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2014 TCYFL Bantam Big 10 Undefeated Champions!

Wolves Wrestlers Tyler Evans, Ryan Koelblinger, Charlie Ferree, Kevin Eismuller, Xander York, and Grant Johnson

Wrestling & Football go hand in hand

2014 TCYFL Featherweight Pac Undefeated Champions had wrestlers Eddie Ferree, Jason Eismuller, Jacob Glomp, Alex Iversen, and Ty Lee.

2014 TCYFL Featherweight Pac Division Champions had wrestlers Jimmy & Jack Stone, Colton Madura, and Luis Diaz

2014 TCYFL Middleweight  Big 10 2A Super Bowl runner had wrestlers Kyle Koelblinger & Tommy Evans

2014 TCYFL Middleweight Pac Super Bowl runner up had wrestlers Tyler Crawford, Jace Sparks (CLW), and Tommy Parrish

2014 TCYFL Lightweight Pac Super Bowl Champions had Josh Crandall and former wrestler Trevor Schwallie

2014 TCYFL Heavy Weight Big 10 3A Super Champions had Trey Piotrowski