Program Started: 1962
School Colors: Orange & Blue
Mascot: Commodores

What is a Commodore?
A Commodore is a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a captain and below a rear admiral

Helmet "B" Decal

When football officially begins at the end of August, players are given a plain blue helmet. If they successfully complete training camp they will receive the "B" sticker to place on each side of their helmets.

Helmet Anchor-Stickers

For motivational purposes, a smaller version of the B with an anchor is given to players for various accomplishments on the field as a team and as individuals. The "anchors" are given out, Monday following the game.
Tradition Started: 2008 Season

Big Apple Games

For 5-Weeks during the summer months, our program hosts the Public School Athletic Leagues Big Apple Games, for the Northeast Region of Queens. During the Games, players will compete in vigorous football conditioning workouts, football specific training, and team specific offense and defense instruction. A player of the day and an overall player of the summer concludes each practice and the summer.


2015-Big Apple Player of the Summer-Jamel Hughes


Off-Season Weight Training

During the off-season months, the team will weight train together. The training consists of a various core excerices and specific muscle movements. This program is designed and executed to get each player, BIGGER,STRONGER, & FASTER.
Tradition Started: December 2007


During the off-season, and on specific days in-season, the team will condition together. The program is designed to improve speed, quickness, and leaping ability
Program Started: September 2010

Senior Tackle

During the last hitting practice of the season, the senior class will get their last push of the 3-man Lev Sled and tackle of the one-man sled.
Tradition Started: Fall 2007

Community Involvement

Our program is involved in several volunteer events throughout New York City, such as the American Cancer Societies-Relay for Life, volunteering at the local YMCA, and participating in elemantary school read-a-longs.

Play-It-Smart Program

In 2005, our program was fortunate enough to become apart of the Play-It-Smart program; which is an educational program of the National Football Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame. Players attend team study sessions, individual study sessions, and meetings with the team’s Academic Coach. The program has a success rate of sending 87% of the participants to college.

Senior Speeches

Throughout the season, seniors will address the team after practice. Its an open forum for the seniors to say anything they would like to the team.
Tradition started: 2004

Football Class

Varsity and Junior Varsity football players have football as their designated physical education class. This class is the last class of the day for each student-athlete. During the season, the start of class will be the start of practice. During the off-season, we use this time to condition, strength train, and learn our offense, defense and special teams.

High School Player Development- (HSPD)

Selected Commodores will participate in a week-long full contact instructional program sponsored by the National Football League (NFL). All program participants spend five hours of on-field programming at an offensive position and the remaining five hours at a defensive position. Guest speakers address participants on life skills and football issues for 20 minutes prior/after each practice.

All-Star Games

Currently, our Commodores play in a Queens All-Star game, called the Q35, which was stared in 2011. The boro is divided into north and south. Prior to the Q35, our senior all-stars from Queens play an all-star team from Staten Island in honor of the late Fred Fugazzi, the week after the PSAL championship. Bayside traditionally sent more than half their senior class to the game.

Commodores & The Media

Our program is fortunate enough to have media coverage from local newspapers, local television highlight shows, and radio discussions and interviews.

College Visits/Fairs

Through the Play-It-Smart program, we visit various colleges and college fairs in the tri-state area during the spring months
Tradition Started: 2006


The Commodores have won 7 New York City Championships. We have also won 14 queens championships.

All-Academic Team

Following the 1st and 2nd semesters, players with a designated average or better are selected for the All-Academic Team.


The “Lift-A-Thon” is a weightlifting fundraiser to assist in the cost of playing football. Players will lift a maximum weight in the Bench Press, Squat, and Dead Lift for 1 repetition.
Tradition Started: Spring 2008

Color War

During the off-season, the Coaching Staff divides the team into 2 teams through a Draft. The two teams will compete in various events and games in the football classroom, through lifting competitions, running competitions, unexpected attendance days, and Team Building Activities. Each event will have a point total and the team with the most points will be the winner of Color War.
Tradition Started: Off-Season 2008

Commodore Corners Newsletter

The coaching staff puts together a newsletter that is distributed throughout the High School, at local middle and elementary schools, and to local newspapers. This newsletter provides the most up to date information about the Commodores on & off the field.
Tradition Started:Fall 2006

Car Washes

During the summer months, our program has car washes as fundraising events
More Commodore traditions..........coming soon